2009 Has Arrived! Upcoming Tendenci Updates for a New Year

We're starting 2009 off with a bang here at Schipul!!

We re-designed our Schipul website and now we're focusing on making your Tendenci software even more about you, dear clients. We've got loads of new updates to our Tendenci software that will help you better tell your story and customize your Web site in 2009.

You asked to be able to turn off modules or make your tabs disappear and now you've got it! You'll be able to contact our support team any time and we'll be able to whisk those mods away with a click of the button.

Do you have trouble navigating Site Variables? No worries. We're rolling out a brand new Site Settings user interface – we've re-organized your Site
Settings to correspond with the modules they affect, making it easier
for you to change the settings you need to on your site.

Our favorite update? The brand new Story Module!  Check out the Schipul home page's orange Story box for an initial look. It gives you a super easy way to update your site with quick 'Stories', links and images. We want to whole world to know what you are up to! The Story Module is still in serious test mode but we hope to have it out early this year!

Stay tuned to the Tendenci Blog and Tendenci Twitter feed as we announce the live updates and dish out even more exciting new!