30 Days of Thanks – Boston Terriers

 For 90% of my life, I have been a self-proclaimed “cat person”. However, on July 25, 2011 everything changed when my boyfriend and I spied a little Boston Terrier puppy (Franklin!) all alone in a little dog carrier. From that day forward, I went to the dark side and transitioned into the dog person I am today. Purchasing dog costumes, researching about potty training, learning the lingo, mapping out the dog-friendly restaurants, and instagramming like crazy – I’ve done it all. I’m so thankful for the lessons this tiny dog has taught me over the past year, and can share with you some of my favorite Franklinisms here:

“When things get difficult, just keep your head up and keep paddling.”


“Always stay classy.”


 “Haters gonna hate.”


 “Nothing lasts forever. Especially chew toys.”


 “You can be friends with others who might seem a little different from you.”


“Be a patron of the arts & experience new things.”


 “It’s sometimes hard to try to stand out be different from the crowd.”


 “Don’t be fooled! Superheros come in all shapes and sizes.”


“Good hygiene is CRUCIAL. Especially when fleas are involved.”


“Always dress your best.”


 “You won’t get along with everyone. Just agree to disagree.”


 “The world isn’t in black and white.”


 “Facial hair doesn’t look good on EVERYONE.”


 “Sometimes the best adventures are right outside your backyard.”


“Mornings aren’t always easy.”


 “It’s fine to dork out. Don’t let anyone judge you for being a little geeky.”


…and like you can see, I dork out on Boston Terriers… A LOT!

 All in all, looking back I’m so thankful for Franklin, Boston Terriers, and just pets in general because of the love they show us and the lessons they teach us everyday.

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  1. I heart this so much! Life lessons from Franklin – he so grounded and wise 🙂 Thank you, Erica!

  2. hahaha “h8rs” will definitely h8. I <3 Franklin! He's a wise ol' lad

  3. Such a smart pup~ Pretty sure this is my favorite post <3

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