Adding a CMS page – one added step before you can add

Hey Tendenci lovers!

Before you add a CMS page you will need to confirm whether the page is public or private. This is put in place mainly to make sure you really want to syndicate your content to all RSS readers.

  • If public is selected allow anonymous will be checked automatically and the page will be syndicated.
  • If private is checked administrators are allowed to view your page only. The page will not be syndicated


If you are still wondering why… Here it is in short:

When RSS (syndication) first came around it was a new technology.  A new technology that took time to get popular. When information was syndicated in the past, it was not a big deal because the average end-user was not subscribed to the site.

Now that RSS has grown in popularity we have a much bigger audience.  There are a lot more eyes looking at our content both via the website and through feed readers.

Publishing sensitive information for the world to see can cost a company thousands. Another not-so-cool feature of syndication is that the majority of feed readers cache.  This is the equivalent of sending out "bad" email; you can’t take it back.

Thanks for reading!!!! 

We are taking extra steps to emphasize the importance of syndication and it’s affects.

CMS pages now require our clients to choose whether or not the content on the page is for public or private viewing before entering content.