Amigos Celebrates Global Youth Service Day

Global Youth Service Day is an annual event that brings together  organizations  and volunteers to take part in projects that will better their community. While it’s officially called a “day”; youth service projects are so vast and varied that the event actually spans a full weekend. This year, the event was held April 15-17, and Schipul client Amigos de las Americas was out in force all across the country, with youth volunteers taking part in trainings and group projects.

Decked out in their blue (Schipul-sponsored!) event t-shirts, the Houston Amigos group created a trail for blind people to enjoy in the Houston Arboretum. Locally in the Bay Area, the Amigos group met in Oakland to take part in hands-on training. I visited the site and listened in as the students formed groups and role-played their interactions, practicing the Spanish words and phrases they would need when working in the community. The day was a great way for the students to train with each other and develop their leadership skills. And not a bad day to spend in a park, either!

Right now, the Amigos group is in the running for the Chase Giving Contest on Facebook – your vote today could help them win $25,000 for the nonprofit! I know they’d appreciate your support there, and keep an eye out for their awesome new website launching soon!