And some thoughts on asynchronous communications.

I believe humans as a whole, put too much faith in technology. Not all phone calls ring on the other end. SMS/text doesn’t always get delivered. Even worse is – sometimes they get delivered hours or days later and the recipient sees a time stamp that may be yesterday, or just this instant. I think that is why phone calls can clear up misunderstandings so quickly. 

I believe we need to be kinder to each other in general. And give people the benefit of the doubt instead of doubting their credibility when they say “I sent that to you!” They probably did. 

In this regard – technology unfortunately can divide us. We should try to focus on the positives and be kind with each other when communication isn’t perfect. Be it a turn of the phrase, delayed chat, or just a message lost in the ether. 
Be kind. Especially with our families. I know all of you are really awesome people. 

-Ed Schipul