Are you a Schipul Facebook Fan Yet? Become a fan and Win!!

Schipul Fan ManiaWe adore all of our Schipul Facebook Fans…. And we think they deserve some goodies on us (just for being awesome).

How do you get in on these goodies? All you’ve got to do is Fan us on Facebook!! Hurry though, to be eligible to win one of our awesome prizes, you’ve got to a Schipul Facebook Fan by Two PM CST TOMORROW!! Not that we’re counting down, but that is only 27 hours…

So what are we giving away anyway?

  1. Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Laptop‘Hate carting around a huge laptop just to log in to twitter now and then? We’ve got the laptop for you!   You pick the color, and we’ll ship it out to your place! With this little gal, you’ll always be able to update on the go.
  2. $100 Amazon gift card‘ Schipulites are book fiends, and we want to get you hooked too!
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It’s easy as pie. All you’ve gotta do is become a Schipul Facebook Fan for a chance to win. Leave the rest up to us.