Culintro hits 1,500th member milestone

A big “wow” and “congratulations” go out to the folks at Culintro, one of our newer customers who use Tendenci to manage their Web site and membership. In just a few short months they have registered 1,500 members after starting from scratch earlier in the year. Clearly, that rapid growth suggests they are satisfying a need for executives in the restaurant industry. Check out the news release for more details.

The Culintro Web site was designed by Schipul and is powered by Tendenci.
The Culintro Web site was designed by Schipul and is powered by Tendenci.

Tendenci Powered Culintro Site Quickly Attracts 1,500 Members

Culintro, the Culinary Trade Organization for restaurant professionals, is off to a fast start.  Just a few months after launching the organization with a Web site powered by Tendenci, Culintro has registered its 1,500th member. That's pretty amazing. Clearly, there was a need in the restaurant industry for the types of services that Culinto is delivering. Their Web site enables members to post jobs, review job listings and post resumes — a critically important service in this difficult economy and one that every organization should be providing. They also have events and promotions — mostly in the New York City area for now, but likely to expand as the organization continues to mature. Congratulations to Culintro on their successful launch!

Tendenci Site Focuses on Fundraising

In these recessionary times, funds can be difficult to come by for non-profit organizations. One of the latest Tendenci Web sites to launch is theFund, San Antonio's United Arts Fund. As you might expect based on its name, the primary focus of the organization is to raise money for the arts and cultural organizations in and around San Antonio. With a lot of people and businesses wondering where their next dollar will be coming from, fundraising is front and center with most non-profits and the Web can be fertile ground — if approached right. As you'll see if you click through theFund's site, we've tried to make the requests for donations visible throughout the site and we've made it as simple as possible for people to give. In terms of content, the organization has done a great job of visibly showcasing the breadth of programs they support so a visitor can quickly grasp where their money will go. It is a great example of Web-based fundraising for non-profits to model.

Welcome ThirdBiotech to the Tendenci Family

Be sure to check out one of the latest Tendenci sites, ThirdBiotech promotes Arizona’s development of science and technology for the formation of life sciences companies. They recognized that collaboration and support are keys to advancing Arizona’s biotech industry, which is spread all over the state. It can be tough to collaborate when everyone is geographically dispersed. But that's why the Web can be a perfect community building tool! With their new Tendenci-powered Web site, the Web serves as the epicenter of the organization’s activities, delivering news and information, promoting and reporting on events, enabling online membership management, event registration and donations, and a Scientist’s Center where early stage biotechnology companies can seek financial support and guidance.


Helping the Y connect with Houston

YMCA of Greater Houston has unveiled an upgraded and interactive Web site designed by Schipul' The Web Marketing Company.
YMCA of Greater Houston has unveiled an upgraded and interactive Web site designed by Schipul' The Web Marketing Company.

Congratulations to the YMCA of Greater Houston, which has  unveiled, an upgraded and interactive Web site. The Schipul team  is proud to be associated with such a highly respected Houston institution. Can you imagine the challenge of connecting with 100,000 people served every day? That challenge is why the  Y’s  Web site plays such a major role. For example, we made sure every page features a zip code search tool to make it easy to find the closest center. The Web site also makes it easy to apply for financial aid, join the Y as a facility member, register for upcoming programs and subscribe to receive e-mail alerts. We are also helping to roll out  Y-Online, a new online registration system that will provide a faster and more user-friendly experience.

Check out the new YMCA Web site


The YMCA of Greater Houston plays a special role in the lives of many families. Approximately 100,000 men, women and children throughout the Houston metropolitan area receive services from the Y each and every day. That's what I call impact on the community! So when the Schipul team was presented with the opportunity to upgrade the YMCA's Web site using Tendenci online management software, we were excited about playing a little role in Y's success. You can see the outcome at Part of the challenge is to connect the community with the center nearest them, so there's a zip code search box on every page that's almost impossible to miss. We also are rolling out a new online registration system, Y-Online, which is desigend to be faster and more user-friendly.

Safety Vision cams keep you safe — and new Web site tells (and shows) their story

Safety Vision's new Web design by Schipul
Safety Vision's new Web design by Schipul

The Schipul team recently released a new Web site design for Safety Vision, a global provider of mobile digital video solutions. It is a great example of the power of  incorporating video clips to illustrate the core benefits of an organization’s products and services. The site includes actual examples of video captured by Safety Vision’s client cameras, including one case in which a parent gets on a school bus and (I suppose we should say allegedly, although it’s right there in the video) attacks one of the students.

Take a moment to take a look. It might give you some ideas about taking some existing video of your operations and posting them on your site.

A news account of the attack from  CBS Evening News  that also featured the Safety Vision video is below.