For Me, It’s You

My husband!

I am grateful for my husband. I am grateful for my children. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for my friends. My job. My cats. The internet. Wifi. Gas in my car. My shoes and the shirt on my back.

Life is hard and can be exhausting and everybody needs something to change their focus when they are feeling off centre.

I always aim to do my best but I don’t always succeed. When I need a mood changer, I use music. My current anthem that I use for inspiration and a song by the California rockers, Train.   The song is the title track from their 2006 album, For Me, It’s You. The message of
the song is about paying it forward and sharing what you have.

My sister and my kids!

Give it if you’ve got it
Get it if you don’t

I love the message of this song and it reminds me to focus on what’s important.

My favourite lyric is

Give it to somebody that don’t have a thing
Ain’t got soft shoes to dance or a love song to sing – no
Get yourself on the right track
Let somebody ride your back for a while

Ireland, mom, Sharon and Rania.


That resonates so strongly with me. How many people have carried me to be where I am today? I could never thank them enough to the same measure that they helped me. I hope that I have had a similar impact on the people that are in my life.

I’ve seen Train perform live many times in Houston and they are an amazing live band. If you get the opportunity to see them, do it.

If you haven’t ever seen them live, here’s the next best thing. Enjoy, my friends!

Do what you do, do it well, and don’t stop till it’s done

Photo by Ed Schipul

The people that I’ve always respected and admired  in my life  are people that have worked hard for their success. I believe that anyone can be  successful at something if they work hard enough to get there.  My underlying value system has me programmed to work as hard as I can to achieve what I want in life. If I’m not successful, it only means that I’m not done yet.

One of the people that exemplifies the characteristics that I admire is Will Smith. In this compilation video, he talks about his belief system and how that system  got him to where he is in his life.

I don’t aspire to be like Will Smith, but I do identify with a lot of the things that he says. Except the part about the treadmill (2:35 minutes in); he can have that.

I can never claim to be the hardest working person (in show business;   hit me!) but I know that once you choose to do or choose to be, you’re half way there.  

Life is too short to not  commit  so get out there and get it done.

International travel power accessories keep you and your gadgets going

can of vegetarian Buddha Jump Over the WallInternational travel is always exciting. Airports. Timezones. Language barriers. Cultural differences. Weird food (look left).   No matter where you’re going, you’re probably taking your gadgets with you. You know, your camera and battery charger, your cellphone and charger, your laptop and power supply or your electric shaver or your flat iron. International travel requires international electrical adapters/converters/transformers because there is no international standard for electrical voltage or frequency. In the US, we’re on 110/120 V at 60Hz. Countries that I travel to always seem to be on 220/230 V at 50 Hz. Tricky.

So what are you going to need and what should you bring? Many gadgets are multi-voltage or dual-voltage and these can be used with just an adapter so you can get get the plug in the wall.

If the gadget is NOT multi or dual voltage, you’ll need a solid-state converter or a transformer that is able to either step up or step down the voltages so that you don’t fry your gadget.Voltage converter

That’s a lot of stuff. What’s the diff between a converter and a transformer? When can I use an adapter?

Transformers convert electricity from high voltage to a lower voltage or vice versa. Converters (pictured to the right) use electronics to convert high voltage to a lower voltage.

Belkin travel adapterRegardless of whether you need an converter or transformer, you’ll still need an adapter (pictured to the left) because plugs and outlets are very different across the world and your US plug most likely won’t fit into the outlet of the country you’re in.

Best place to start is with the manufacturer of your gadget to see if the gadget is multi voltage or if you’ll need a converter and if so, what kind. Once you get all your gadget accessories, don’t forget to bring them with you!

You need to be prepared and it starts with the power on the plane.

Some airlines have in-seat power that accepts standard US plugs as well as plugs from other countries. Some airlines have EmPower ® units that require special adapters. Check with your airline and make sure that your row has power. Unless you’re flying first or business, not all economy rows have in-seat power.

God forbid, you get to your seat with your adapters and your row doesn’t have power and you’re forced to read SkyMall over and over.

Happy travels!

New Tendenci Dashboard to be released

We’re excited to announce that a brand new and more user friendly
Tendenci Console is about to be released next week on November 12, 2007.  This Tendenci
update will change the look of your Tendenci
Console or Homepage.
This simplified interface will streamline access to your most used
Tendenci modules (like User search and Calendar) and move the Admin
Only Links to the upper right hand corner.

Admins also see live RSS feeds from Tendenci Blog and the new Help Files Module.

Admin View
Admin view of the new Tendenci homepage

As always, Admins will see many more links than a regular user or member.

User View
User View of the new Tendenci homepage

As an Admin, you still have to opportunity to choose what Tendenci home page appears on your site.
We want to be sure you understand what the options are for custom user home pages and how, as site Admin, you are able to change the user home page that appears on your site.
We hope you enjoy the movement towards greater usability within the Tendenci software.

If you have any questions please contact our Support Team at or call us at (281) 497-6567 ext. 411 or (877) 724-4785 ext. 411.