End of an era for a Schipulite!

So today is my last day at Schipul. After almost 6 years, leaving is NOT easy. Some of you will be asking why? I don’t have a good answer but mostly to have a little time with my baby girl and to see what’s next. I am not on a quest to find happiness. Happiness is having a my health, being married to a rock solid MAN, seeing a smile on my girl’s face, and spending the last 69 months of my life with a group of amazing people that have lifted me through a few dark times and escalated the happiest times.

Dear Schipulites’ I am so grateful for all the knowledge you talented, moving people have sent my way. You had made my 20’s unforgettable.  For so long, this has been my safe haven where I was not afraid to leap because I know you always had my back.  I have worked some of the best clients any company could ever have. Each and every person has touched my life in unimaginable ways.

I will never forget many deep conversations with @longstation, sharing an office with @deneyterrio (WOW, lol), and my Friday afternoon heart to heart chats with a STRONG and FEARLESS CEO.  Ed’ your efforts are amazing and I am honored to call Schipul my second family.

Enough already! You all know how amazing Schipulites are. I am excited about the future for you guys! I won’t be far.

Thank you 157,456,000 times for everything you have taught me.

Much love!


These have been the best days!

Thirty Days of Thanks – Motherhood

I am thankful for one of the most natural and demanding task given to women. I am thankful for motherhood.

Having my daughter Mazzy at 32 weeks was quite scary. When you are brushed so close with losing your own life and the life you have created, something inside you wakes up and sees the world in a whole new way. Shortly after I gave birth, I was so afraid of everything. Thinking of leaving this little life had me terrified.

Then something wonderful happened, I rose to the challenge and realized my life was not easy, nor was it meant to be. Because of these trails, I would be stronger. Now the joy of my world was never to be guessed. That part of my life was over. I no longer needed to wonder what my purpose was. It was clear. The joy of my world was in Mazzy.   And every time I see her face,   I know why I am here and why my life matters.   There is truly meaning to life after becoming a mother.

I base my love and feelings off my own experience from the past year. I am thankful for the sheer terror of having a premature baby because now I am much stronger and I pretty much understand that I am not invincible.

I am thankful that in this life,  I will know what unconditional love truly feels like.

My happiness is determined by the smile on my girl’s face.   I am pretty sure that is all I will ever need to feel complete.

I know that we all will go through dark days, and I hope that we can all find something wonderful to bounce us back into the sunshine.

I have found my sunshine and for that I am grateful.

Mazzy Katherine Hodgson
Mazzy Katherine Hodgson

Thirty Days of Thanks’ Non-profits

I am so very thankful for all the non-profits I get to work with through Schipul. These organizations are truly trying to change the world and ‘do good.”  There is no better honor than to get to work with organizations that are admired for their passion and curiosity.  Because of these organizations, I am inspired to care a little more.

A few non-profits that I am super thankful to know are:

I am thankful for The Myelin project and the difference they make.   They are a small group of people making a huge difference in the world. Everyday, no matter the gloom, they are continually devoted to curing some of the most devastating diseases in the world.  Working with The Myelin project is my greatest pleasure.

The Myelin Project’s mission is aimed at funding the research to find a cure for demyelinating diseases, such as the leukodystrophies which are genetic and multiple sclerosis which is acquired.

Lorenzo and Augusto Odone, Lorenzos father and the founder of the Myelin Project
Lorenzo and Augusto Odone, Lorenzo’s father and the founder of the Myelin Project

I am thankful for The Children’s Museum of Houston.  They are a place that welcomes any child and creates an experience so grand, it is unforgettable.    I am so grateful to be part of such a wonderful place for children to learn, grow and be inspired.  The love they have for children and learning is beyond anything else I have ever seen.  You see this when you go to the Museum and witness the excitement on a child’s face. Children are our future and The Children’s Museum of Houston totally gets that. I am thankful I get to work with them on their web presence and marketing. I love Shannon Gilliam and Henry Yao. It’s people like CM Houston who make the world a better place.

I am even more grateful knowing that I have been blessed with a healthy child that will grow up knowing The Children’s Museum of Houston as her playground.

CM Houston Visitors are invited to draw and write about their own favorite toys
CM Houston Visitors are invited to draw and write about their own favorite toys

The Houston Zoo is also tops on my list of non-profits to thank.  I thank them for their love of animals and their passion to make the Houston Zoo one of the coolest places to see in Houston.   I am thankful they are leaders in conservation. It’s the things that seem little to us, but are completely important and vital to our lives as human beings. They are rock stars at saving the earth one frog at a time.

The Houston Zoo gives residents and visitors from afar a place to escape the concreteness and see animals we would never get to see otherwise. Thank you Houston Zoo for being a wonder.

Keeper Melanie and Deano ham it up for the camera
Keeper Melanie and Deano ham it up for the camera

Happy thanksgiving to all! What are you thankful for?