Get Important Info to Your Community Through the Storms – Emergency Announcements Module

I am proud to have called Houston home for the last three years for many reasons.

Houston is home to the Astros and the Texans. We are known for our great bbq, arts, and Beyonce. (Perhaps you have heard of her? “She is Texas forever like Bun B”.)

Houston is also sometimes home to lots and lots of rain.

Today, we have received over a foot of rain and many Houston businesses and organizations have delayed operations for the day due to flooding on the roads.

It can be challenging in a situation like this to get information out to the public and your staff, which is why we built the Emergency Announcements module into the Tendenci software.

Emergency Announcements is a feature that allows you to quickly post an update on the top of your site, so that you can get important information out to your community.




To access this feature, navigate to


The standard content editor will allow you to format your content for your announcement.

Are you cancelling activities?

Who should someone call or email if they have questions?

Is everyone in your organization safe from the storms?

All of this information is important to get out to your community and the Emergency Announcements will allow you to place it front and center on your website.

If you need to get information out to your community today, the Emergency Announcements feature is a great tool to utilize.

Stay safe and dry Houston!


5 Things to Know About The Upgraded Content Editor

We here at Tendenci are excited to announce that the content editor has a new look!


Your content editor is one of the most frequently utilized features in your Tendenci website.

We’ll be rolling this new content editor out to sites in the next few weeks.

Here are a few things to know about your updated editor:

  1. Inserting videos into content is much easier

insert video


2. Utilize Anchors To Help Users Navigate Around Pages

An anchor is an attribute that links an element on your page to text or an image on the same page.

To use the anchor feature in your editor:

Highlight text and select “Anchor” from your Insert drop down.

Name your anchor in the window that appears.


Highlight text on another area of the page and click on insert/edit link from your Insert drop down.


Select the name of your Anchor from the Anchors drop down menu.

3. Edit your content in HTML and upload docs from new locations

Want to play around in the HTML of your page?

You can now do so via the below icon.



Upload documents that are not images via the insert/edit link from your Insert drop down.



Click the file icon to upload documents.


Upload your document and title your file.

file name


4. New formatting options

There are new formatting options available to you through the Formatting drop down.

formatting options1

You can also add background colors to format your text.


5. See html styling elements while editing

The “Show Blocks” View option allows you to see what html attributes are being applied to the different areas of your content.



Do you like the new editor or have questions?

Leave us a comment below or contact us at


Congratulations to the New York Emmys!

Congratulations to our long time clients the NY Emmys!

We wish them a wonderful gala tomorrow to go along with their new mobile responsive Tendenci 6 site.


Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.32.48 PM

NYEmmys Mobile view


Sites Up After Short Down Time this Afternoon

One of our cloud providers experienced an outage this afternoon.

All sites should be back online at this time.

If your site is experiencing any issues please contact us at


Join us for a Demo of T6!

Next week we’ll be doing a webinar to demo T6, the newest release of our software!

If you are interested in what T6 has to offer please sign up here:

T6 Home


Registration is limited to 20 so please be sure to RSVP to secure your spot!

T4 Sites – 500 Error on Homepage

We have received reports that T4 sites are experiencing 500 errors on their homepage again this morning.

We are investigating and will post details to the blog.


T4 Reported Issue Resolved

The 500 errors on homepages  for some of our T4 legacy clients reported at 5:32pm CT were resolved by 6pm this evening.

Our team is working on the root cause and will continue to investigate the incident.

T4 Sites – 500 Error Investigation in Process

We are aware that some T4 sites that had received the security updates last night are now experiencing 500 errors on their homepage.

This error was reported first at 5:32pm CT- We are aware of the issue and currently investigating.

Update – Tendenci 4 Site Errors Post WAF Installation

Over night our programming engineering team put firewalls in place to provide increased security on the servers. This security would allow us to start reemploying some of the functionality on T4 that is currently disabled.

Some of the settings on the firewall that were put into place were employed too tightly. This has caused errors and outages on T4 sites.

The team is in the process of rolling back those changes at this time.