Grant opportunities and how your website can serve your organization!

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How can your website serve your organization?

A website is an investment and not an expense. It works around the clock and can handle hundreds of people at a time. Your website can spread the word to further your organization at all times by recruiting more volunteers, connecting with donors, and helping you to gain more recognition for the work you are already doing. Its fundraising ability can help you to raise more money for your organization and quickly pay for itself!

In a Millenial Donors Report, 71% of respondents get information about nonprofit organizations through web searches!

The 2014 donor report states that a company’s website is the primary media for learning about the company’s cause work!

Your website is an exciting opportunity to create awareness for your organization through educating the public and evoking action from your members, donors, and volunteers.

There are organizations and foundations who recognize the asset of an exceptional website and will grant funding in order to help an outstanding organization further their cause!

Here are some foundations who have approved grants in the past towards forwarding the web and technology goals of Non Profit Organizations. They just may be the key to optimizing the potential of your website online and can help fund the exciting web projects that will further your cause.

Greater Houston Community Foundation
Alkek and Williams Foundation, The, TX
Anderson Foundation, M. D., TX
AT&T Foundation, TX
Brown Foundation, Inc., The, TX
Comcast Foundation, The, PA
Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.
The Cullen Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
The Holthouse Foundation for Kids
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Houston Endowment Inc.
The JPMorgan Chase Foundation
The Moody Foundation
The New York Community Trust
The Powell Foundation
Rockwell Fund, Inc.
Shell Oil Company Foundation
The Simmons Foundation
Strake Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
American Jewish World Service
Annenberg Foundation
Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Inc.
Dyson Foundation
Kalliopeia Foundation
Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Inc.
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
New York Foundation
Porticus North America Foundation
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc.
The San Francisco Foundation
Surdna Foundation, Inc.
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation
Laura and John Arnold Foundation
The Alleghany Foundation
Dominion Foundation
Freddie Mac Foundation
Gannett Foundation, Inc.
Philip L. Graham Fund
Central Indiana Community Foundation, Inc.
The Cummins Foundation
Lilly Endowment Inc.
The Ahmanson Foundation
Annenberg Foundation
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
The California Endowment
Compton Foundation, Inc.
The East Bay Community Foundation
Energy Foundation
The Global Fund for Women
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Kalliopeia Foundation
Koret Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Rosenberg Foundation
The San Diego Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Stuart Foundation
Tides Foundation

Email Tracking

In Tendenci 4 and soon in Tendenci 5 you will have the option of a lower cost method of email tracking and having all emails come from your site or domain name. Two low cost options that we recommend are Mailgun, and Amazon Simple Email Services,

Newsletter Generator Coming Soon!

We are excited to be in the testing phase of our Tendenci Newsletter Generator on alpha sites!

This feature will be available for our general community when individual sites are upgraded to Tendenci 6 from Tendenci 5.2. But just to give you some eye candy, and to save Executive Directors HOURS of work building newsletters, here are some screen shots of what is coming.

Tendenci Newsletter Generator


Which results in a newsletter similar to the quick test below. Forgive the graphics – but you get the concept of aggregating the content so you can use it in the email provider of your choice with a simple copy paste with fully qualified URLs for the images so they work via email.


There is a slight catch that only sites using the new navigation will be able to use it as the old navigation (blue bar) causes issues with mobile and we are trying to make these frameworks coexist as we have settled on Bootstrap3 for the core, but a front end designer can override this.

In other words, there are a few strings attached but it truly saves our webmasters hours and hours of work.

Next up is to allow you to put in an account for mailgun or SES if you don’t need full reporting from higher end tools, and many of us don’t given we can derive similar information on open rates from mailgun and use google analytics for AB testing etc….

Have general questions about Tendenci? Check out our community forum!