Friday Fun! Get to Know Steve the Bear

Meet Steve – Schipul’s Resident Polar Bear

If you’ve perused the Schipul staff page, you may have noticed some nonhuman Schipulites in the mix. One of those such team members is Steve the Polar Bear.

Get to Know Steve!

Schipul’s unofficial mascot is the Polar Bear. And when former Operations Manager April Kyle (now April Nassi!)  was looking for a visual reminder to set on someone’s desk when it is their turn to take kitchen duty – she followed suit and purchased a stuffed polar bear and named him Steve.

He has been a part of the Schipul tribe ever since.

Steve’s Many Outfits

In true Schipul fashion, we want to make sure Steve is taken care of in his time here with us. It is my duty (and privilege) to keep up with Steve & maintain his growing wardrobe, which over the years has grown to include outfits for summer, Christmas, business meetings, and of course Halloween.

Steve’s Wardrobe!
Steve Ready for a Round of Golf
Geek Chic Steve

Steve’s Newest Outfit

Steve’s newest outfit is a special one. Schipul is about to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary as a company! And what is more fitting for a fifteenth birthday than a  quinceanera? Appropriately, Steve’s latest frock is a mariachi outfit complete with sombrero and maraca!


Read more about Steve (and all of the Schipulites!) at!!

Steve Ballmer Speaks at Houston Technology Center Forum

Houston Technology Center

HTC welcomes the CEO of Microsoft!

A gorgeous day downtown, the great folks at Houston Technology Center and guest Steve Ballmer – CEO of Microsoft drew dozens and dozens to Minute Maid Park’s Union Station for today’s Houston Technology Forum.

The Houston Technology Center is known for affording education, insight and more to entrepreneurs needing to climb the ropes to commercialization.   The topic of the day, presented by Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, was “Strategic Implications for Houston as a Center for Innovation.”

“The most grand commodity of all is information” – Steve Ballmer


Steve Ballmer Microsoft Houston Technology Center

High Tech Talk

Highlights included the path that technology has taken in the last decade and where it’s going in the next.   Hand-held devices, resources technology and virtual worlds where business takes place with Avatars were all topics of discussion.   The forum mainly, however,   focused on informations technology and the important and continuing role it will play on business development in the years to come.

Steve Ballmer also spiced things up wit ha sneak peak of some great Avatar based progra ms for X-Box360 even giving away an X-Box to a lucky attendee at the end of the program.

Houston Technology Center Microsoft

Hugs to Houston Technology Center

Sheila Whanger did a great job organizing the event and it was wonderful to see Walter Ulrich, President & CEO of Houston Technology Center up on the stage as well.   Let’s not also forget the welcoming faces of   Downey Bridgwater, Chairman of the Board – HTC and Larry Kellner, Chairman of the Board – Greater Houston Partnership.

It was great, everyone.   Thanks so much to HTC!

Houston Technology Center Walter Ulrich 2

Yay! Effective Blogging Strategies

JJ’s Top Tips For Blogging

With what seems to be about a gazillion blogs in internet land, how do you ever wonder how they started?  Or how each blogger developed a blogging strategy? It can be a bit overwhelming to think about, especially to someone new to the blog world and may be looking for advice.

Schipul’s own JJ Lassberg knows that effective blogging takes strategy, focus and a fundamental knowledge of blogging basics. She has even composed a presentation on “Effective Blogging” for rookies that include her “Lucky 13” blogging tips, blog basics and methods.   Check out the entire Slide Show for a really terrific “How-to” on Blogging!

Schipul Flocks to The Houston Zoo’s Beastly Brunch

A Wonderful, Wild Sunday

Cocktails?   Brunch?   A live DJ? Awesome animals?   Yes, please!   This was the set-up for the Houston Zoo’s Beastly Brunch held on Sunday and it was marvelous.   The Beastly Brunch and other such events at the Zoo are held by Flock – The Houston Zoo’s Young Supporters Group who do their best to promote public awareness and interest in The Houston Zoo with events such as this one.

Houston Zoo Beastly Brunch Food

Party Animals

The   DJ and the reflection pool created a perfect atmosphere for a Sunday brunch and the weather was superb!   Cocktail bars, coffee and Sprinkles cupcakes were set up and down the length of the reflection pool with tasty buffet of bruchy eats at the end for everyone to enjoy.   My coffee was followed by a bloody mary, a mimosa, croissants, various quiches, fruit and cupcakes… that’s right; cupcakes and mimosas at the zoo with a herd of Houston’s animal lovers.     Bliss.

Houston Zoo Beastly Brunch DJ

Cuddly Critters!

Not only did The Houston Zoo provide an amazing morning of mingling and gnarly nibbles, but they also brought out some adorable critters!   I got to meet a chinchilla and a very tiny owl.     I’m a sucker for fuzzy and tiny creatures and these guys were just too much cute to handle.

Schipul At The Houston Zoo

It was a great day…

The Beastly Brunch lasted from 12pm-2pm; so afterward we walked off all the deliciousness with a stroll through the zoo, which is always a delight, waved goodbye to our new animal friends and headed home (sleepy, but excited for the next event at The Houston Zoo).

Houston Zoo Beastly Brunch Owl

Kudos to Flock!   Want to Join them?

Flock is a group of 21 and up professionals who devote themselves to the growth and success of The Houston Zoo with unique, exciting and educational events throughout the year.   It’s easy to join Flock and a membership carries with it awesome privileges including entry to some fantastic shin-digs and exclusive volunteer opportunities.

Thanks, Sponsors!

Also, thank you to the sponsors of The Houston Zoo’s Beastly Brunch!   Food, atmosphere and beverages were also provided by the following:

St Arnolds BrewerySprinkles Cupcakes

Yelp HoustonMomentum Audi

All photos taken by our own Katrina Esco.

Houston Zoo Beastly Brunch Yelp

Schipul Pops In At The CultureMap Pop-Up Party at FotoFest

FotoFest A Matter of Wit

Above: Gilbert Garcin, The flight of Icarus(after Leonardo da Vinci),
[L’envol d’Icare (d’apres Leonard de Vinci)], 2005 –

FotoFest: A Matter of Wit

Last night I had the pleasure of popping into the Culture Map Pop-Up Party at FotoFest.   What was all the celebration about?   Yesterday was the opening of a great new exhibit at FotoFest:   A Matter of Wit.   Featuring collective works of Gilbert Garcin, Miro Å volík and Colin Blakely, each visitor was surrounded by remarkable visions of whimsy, humor and ability as they navigated through the displays, friendly faces and tasty treats.

FotoFest Houston Gallery

Aside gawking at some amazing photography, The Culture Map Pop-up Party at FotoFest also gave me my first taste of sugary goodness from MMM…Cupcake and an amazing twice-baked potato pocket pie from Oh My! Pocket Pies (which was adorable and delicious).   The folks at MMM…Cupcakes and Oh My! Pocket Pies couldn’t be nicer (and kudos to the pie guys for sticking it out in freezing temperatures).

Another awesome turn up at the Map Pop-up Party at FotoFest was Smile Booth!   I got to chat with Josh from Smile Booth and I have to say, it’s probably one of the neatest things I’ve seen out and about in Houston.   A superior twist on old school instant film, a high quality instant camera with takes a few photos of you and your friends and print right out; these pictures turn out great and you can view them online the next day (just like the ones from FotoFest)!

FotoFest Smile Booth
Everyone had a blast, but if you missed the Pop-Up Party at FotoFest, don’t worry the exhibit: A Matter of Wit continues through Feb 25th. Thanks to CultureMap, the awesome food vendors, Silver Eagle, FotoFest and everyone who contributed for a great night!



FotoFest Houston Gallery 1

FotoFest2.10.11 045

FotoFest: A Matter of Wit | Gilbert Garcin, Miro Švolík, Colin Blakely

February 10, 2011 – February 25, 2011
Mon-Wed and Fri, 10am – 5pm, Sat, noon – 5pm,
Late Night Thursdays 10am – 7pm

Want more FotoFest?
Reserve a tour: Jennifer Ward, or at 713.223.5522 ext 18.
Information and Visuals: Vinod Hopson, or at (713) 223.5522 ext 26
Literacy Though Photography: Kristin Skarbovig, or at (713) 223-5522

The Children’s Museum of Houston is #1 in the Nation!

Really!   It’s official!   This month, Parent’s Magazine announced that The Children’s Museum of Houston was voted No. 1 in the United States!   Way to go and CONGRATULATIONS,   Houston Children’s Museum – Everyone is so happy for you all and for Houston.   We can’t wait to check out Spring Break at the Museum this year too!

Why The Children’s Museum of Houston is so awesome-

Many Houstonians, the young and the young at heart alike, already know why The Children’s Museum of Houston is such a fun place to learn, interact and play.   Founded in 1980, the Museum’s mission is to transform communities through innovative, child-centered learning.   The Children’s Museum of Houston is also packed with exhibits bursting with whimsy and fun that engage kids in the ultimate learning experience…plus they just have tons of cool stuff!

Want to Visit The Children’s Museum?   You totally Should!

In 2005, with the addition o f another building, The Children’s Museum of Houston added 39,000 square feet of exhibition space and have continued to amaze and wow Houston with cutting-edge displays, child-based learning methods and design and one of the best family experiences any city has to offer.   See what The Children’s Museum has going on right now and find out why it’s the best Museum for Children in the entire Nation!

  • Museum Exhibits -Over 14 galleries of action-packed exhibits and experiences!
  • Spring Break with The Children’s Museum of Houston“Rock the Block” 2011 Kicks off   March 12.
  • Mr. O – The Science Guru! – We love Mr. O! He’s got the coolest science projects ever and a really rad blog!
  • Free Family Nights – Thursdays are free at The Children’s Museum of Houston.

Check out The Children’s Museum of Houston’s own Mr. O!

Static Cling from Children’s Museum of Houston on Vimeo.

Remember – Next time you visit The Children’s Museum of Houston, give everyone a High-Five and a hug for being the best there is at what they do!