Awesome Tendenci Takeaway from SchipulCon09!!

Our first annual Schipul Web Marketing Company was a huge success and we want to thank all of our awesome clients for making it a possibility. The Tendenci Track was a blast!!

Couldn't make it out to SchipulCon this year? Never fear! We have some great resources you can check out.

  1. Follow (and contribute to!) the SchipulCon-Versation
  2. Check out our speaker slides on our SchipulCon Presentation Page
  3. Peruse the SchipulCon pictures on our Facebook Page
  4. Get a photo play-by-play on Flickr (Thanks to Eye-Fi!)

If you are new to Tendenci, you must check out the Tendenci 101 presentation! JJ Lassberg is AMAZING!

Confused about Newsletters? We;ve got you covered! Check out our presentation on Newsletter Do's and Don'ts. Kim Lange and Jason McElweenie rocked it!!

As always, let us know if you have questions. Our support team is here to help!!