AIGA Houston roast: Ed survived

Schipulites at AIGA Houston roast 2011

Thanks to April Guzik, president of AIGA Houston, the Schipulites got to honor our fearless leader Ed Schipul as only we know how – through quirky video creation and hilarious Powerpoint presentations.

Ed gets roasted by Aaron at AIGA Houston

Aaron Long led the roasting charge with an animated discussion of crucial Ed-isms and Schipul office elements, such as:

Schipul AIGA Houston roast 2011

Other roastees of the evening included Jonathan Fisher and Bo Bothe of Brand Extract:

Ed Schipul, April Guzik and the Brand Extract blokes

Lots of laughter, grimacing and fun – check out our entire AIGA Houston 2011 Brand Legend Roast photo album on Facebook here!

Profiting from Personal Brands with Ed Schipul

Our fearless leader Ed Schipul presented at the recent PRSA Digital Impact conference in New York earlier this year on Profiting from Personal Brands.

Some highlights from his presentation:

Personal Brand management throughout the years

We’ve seen waves of change around how organizations manage their internal brands.   Early movie producers refused to even credit their stars, with concerns that they would receive too much fame and ask for more money.

The world’s first movie star, before known as ‘the Biograph girl’ and later as Florence Lawrence, made waves as the star with the first screen credit – followed by decades of branding shifts in the movie world, resulting in hyper-managed brands like Rock Hudson whose every public move (name, appearance, dating status, etc.) was strategically concocted by managers.

Who are your internal stars?   Are you giving them the room to grow and develop their talents fully?   Does your organization provide a personal brand support structure that helps both their brand and your bottom line?

Profiting from Personal Brands

We’ve been honored to experience some real bottom line impact resulting from growing our employee brands

Thanks for a great Wordcamp Houston 2010!

Matt Mullenweg CEO of WordPress
Photo thanks to Ed Schipul

This weekend marked the very first Wordcamp Houston event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.   As well as being a Community Sponsor, the Schipulites were active participants as coordinators, speakers, volunteers and excitable (what’s new?!) attendees.

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Photo thanks to Ed Schipul

Didn’t get to make it this year and wondering what you missed?   Here are some of the highlights of the day at HMNS, in the Schipulites’ own words:

David Stagg at  Wordcamp Houston 2010
Photo thanks to Brett Morrison

David Stagg (who taught the swell WP 101 class)

I was honored to be given the chance to speak; it was a pleasure leading the WP 101 class, setting up Monica (aka Cosmopolitician) and Chris Everson—two incredibly talented people—for the 102 class. I felt honored to teach some new people from the Houston Zoo, Noah’s Kitchen, Reliant Energy all about how user-friendly WordPress truly is. The class was lively, had some great questions, and was genuinely curious about how to further their WordPress knowledge. Since it was the inaugural WPCamp Houston and it sold out quickly, I can only imagine what it will look like next year!

Albert Hughes

My thoughts:

  • Kelsey Ruger is a genius and I heard a lot of people agreeing with that statement.
  • I saw several people including Matt Mullenweg wearing ‘toe shoes”
thisisnotapril's shark
Photo thanks to April Kkyle

April Kyle
I really enjoyed having HMNS at the host. It was such a neat backdrop for us; and as part of being there I personally was exposed to things in the museum I’d never seen before. In the break times and lunch; we got a chance to play around a bit and have some fun’ totally cool for breaks as opposed to had we been in just a conference center or hotel. It was just super neat seeing the kids learning, and we played around with the exhibits too. Plus, there was a shark.

Eloy and Matt Mullenweg at Wordcamp Houston 2010
Photo thanks to Eloy Zuniga

Eloy Zuniga
My favorite moment was sitting next to Matt Mullenweg during a session simply because I said “I saved you a seat”.   He is ridiculously nice and humble.   I’m glad he’s a Houstonian.

Derek Key and Susan Saurage photo by Ed Truitt
Photo thanks to Ed Truitt

Derek Key (who led a great panel with client Susan Saurage)
My favorite sessions from WordCamp were Kelsey‘s ‘Rebirth of Slick” and Bill Erickson’s ‘WordPress Beyond Blogging”. Kelsey’s was incredibly fun as always and made me think about websites in general, not necessarily WordPress, and Bill’s was very informative and relatable to what we do for clients.

I think the two biggest takeaways are:

  1. Shopify‘ ecommerce solution for WordPress that can be easily updated graphically to match a site and is easy to manage on the client’s end (from Roby Fitzhenry’s session)
  2. Custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress (from Bill Erickson’s session). Allows for more than just pages and posts so you can actually call different content different names… very Drupal-esque.
HMNS IMAX theater for Wordcamp Houston keynote
Photo thanks to Ed Schipul

Michael Coppens (from his @urbanhoustonian Twitter account)

Not sure how I didn’t know WordPress founder @photomatt is from Houston. Makes it a perfect home for Urban Houstonian


Wordcamp Houston 2010 at HMNS
Photo thanks to Erin Flis!

Chris Minor (our fearless intern and videographer)

My favorite session was Kelsey Ruger‘s presentation about design called ‘Rebirth of Slick”. Kelsey weaved his valuable insight into designing a website with a multimedia experience featuring music like hip-hop and jazz that made his presentation not only enjoyable but relevant and understandable in our society. WordCamp was also the first time I have been exposed to a real-time Twitter conversation. Many times I found myself staring at my twitter feed watching all the participants sharing what they were learning and I gained valuable brain-candy from the many passionate developers and users of WordPress.

Katrina Esco
The major takeaway I got from Wordcamp:  We understand things in story so we should be able to tell a meaningful story about a brand or company.

Christine Portillo

Kelsey Ruger’s preso was a highlight, and in a slide asking audience which of many companies listed had the ‘cool factor,” Schipul client IKEA was one of the few (along with Virgin Airlines, Zappos, and more). Best PHYSICAL takeaways: nifty, comfy, stylin’ T designed by Ben G and boasting Schipul on the arm and the bounteous bags of M&Ms provided by the blogger track’s ‘Whose blog is it anyway?” session.

Wordcamp Houston – calling all WordPress lovers!

Schipul is sponsoring Wordcamp Houston

Schipul is proud to be a part of the Wordcamp Houston Conference organizing team – along with design and PR heroes colab and Primer Grey Studios.   We love those guys, we love WordPress…   we’re happy campers.

Wordcamp Houston is the city’s very first WordPress conference – a time for growing your WordPress brain power, connecting with other WordPress fanatics and getting some solid WordPress strategy under your belt.

What: Wordcamp Houston – a day of fantastical WordPress geekiness
When: Saturday, August 7th 2010   8:30am – 4pm (with a fun after party to follow)
Where: The fabulous Houston Museum of Natural Science

There are three different tracks to jump onto, depending on your interest and strategy:   Business / Blogger / Developer

Just getting started?   Have a few years experience to your name?   Sleep, eat and breathe WordPress code?   No problem – we dig each and every last one of you.

And if the great content and camaraderie isn’t enough, we even have Matt Mullenweg keynoting our little WordPress shindig.   That’s right – THE Matt of WordPress founding fame and glory.   Yeah, we’re pretty excited too.

Tickets are on sale now and we still have some exciting sponsorship opportunities available.   Send your team, send your friends and send yourself.   We can’t wait to geek out with you!