Tendenci Updates December 29th, 2011

We added new features to Tendenci for you to enjoy in the New Year.   Check out this week’s Tendenci updates:

Global Settings and Content Management

  • Custom Forms now have editable URL slugs
  • Custom Forms no longer require intro and response text
  • Updated how templates use Nav tags to avoid naming conflicts
  • The category template tag now skips objects that don’t have a category or subcategory
  • Reconfigured index servers to dramatically decrease the time for page saves and edits

Membership Module Updates

  • Removed the “admin only” option for membership type and payment method field on membership applications
  • Membership entries can now be deleted by administrators
  • Subscribers can now be batch imported into a User Group using a spreadsheet template

Career Module Updates

  • The Jobs Search page offers additional ways to customize your job search queries
  • Added Agency Information on the Job details page

Events Module

  • You can now filter by event types when an adding content to a new email newsletter campaign

Questions about these updates? Hit us up in the comments or over on Get Satisfaction and help us name our newest self sign-up version of the Tendenci Software by voting for your top 3 favorites: https://www.tendenci.com/vote-to-name-the-new-templateversion-of-tendenci/!

Tendenci Updates for December 20th

Using your Tendenci website just got a little bit easier. Check out these updates we made over the weekend:

Global Settings and Content Management

  • Navigation files now support navigation template tags.
  • Added css, less, and js to static media directory (globally used)
  • Created a Details page for a single setting
  • Made custom form export more user-friendly – changed True/False to “yes’s and no’s”

Membership Module Updates

  • Design refresh to the Membership entries search page
  • Added the following fields to the membership export file: user name, member number, join date-time, renew date-time

Career Module Updates

  • The Jobs Search page now displays jobs in order by status: premium active, active, premium inactive, inactive
  • Contributions list raised to 50 records from 10.
  • Contributions now display newest contributions first.

Photo Albums

  • Photo detail page id attribute added to “photo-rights” div to help designers control elements.

Questions about these updates? Hit us up in the comments or over on Get Satisfaction and help us name our newest self sign-up version of the Tendenci Software by voting for your top 3 favorites: https://www.tendenci.com/vote-to-name-the-new-templateversion-of-tendenci/!

Heads Up – Some Tendenci Sites Are Having Content Display Issues

UPDATE: All Tendenci Sites are Back to Normal – Content is Displaying Correctly

As of 12:45 PM Central, Tendenci sites are displaying all current content once again. If you have any questions, please contact our Support team at support@tendenci.com or call 281-497-6567 ext 411.

Don’t Worry – Your Site Will Return to Normal Before Lunchtime

Newer Tendenci websites are hosted with Amazon Web Services and last night, Amazon updated their servers.  As a result, our index servers did not successfully come back online last night.

What This Means to You

Your website may not show current information and in some cases, you may not see recently added content when you log on to your website this morning.

No Data is Missing

Your data is safe and sound in the database, it may not be displaying correctly on your website.

We are restarting the production index servers and your website is re-indexing as I write this.

Our estimated timeline for all Tendenci websites to be back to normal is approximately 2 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns about something – please contact our Support team at support@tendenci.com or call 281-497-6567 ext 411.

Find Answers Faster with Tendenci’s New Support Menu

The next time you are looking for support for your website – Look Up.  We moved the support menu from your website footer up to the admin navigation bar that sits at the top of each page of your website.  The new Support drop down menu lists all the helpful links you need to learn to use your website, contact our Support team when you have a problem, search our Help Files, and make a payment.


What is This Tendenci Guide?

We also added a new Support tool to the menu – a Tendenci Guide.  This walk-through tutorial shows you how to use the different features and tools included with your Tendenci online membership management software.  This nifty guide is a mini-version of your website and is designed to quickly and easily show you how to add new pages and articles, update your home page, create photo albums and more with your association’s Tendenci website.

Easily Update Your Home Page Content!







Find Tips that Will Drive New Visitors and Revenue to Your Website!





Looking for More Tendenci Training and Support Resources?

We will be continuing to add new tips and pages to the guide and would love your help. Send us your questions and suggestions on what You would like included in the Getting Started Guide.  You can also come search our Tendenci Help Files for additional help and join our newsletter to receive updates on Tendenci Training, software changes, and web marketing tips to grow your nonprofit or professional association’s membership community directly in your email box.

Event Management is Easier than Ever in Tendenci 5.0 for Professional Organizations

Back to School week also marks the return of Professional Organizations’ events after the summer break.  That’s why our programmers skipped summer vacation and added a ton of great features to the T5 Event Management Module.  I have been absolutely loving how much easier it is to create, manage, and update events in Tendenci 5.0 compared to Tendenci 4.0.

Check out some of the ways we’ve made it quick and easy to create and manage your organization’s Fall Event Calendar using Tendenci software.

With Tendenci’s New Single Page Event Form – It Takes Just 2-Clicks to Create an Event

We made our “Add an Event” form just ONE single page allowing you to create each new event from your website without having to sort through multiple page loads.  We made it easier to add new events inside the Admin navigation bar and now you can add a new event from any page on your website.  Click to add a new event, fill out the event details and then click to create the event – it’s that easy!

1 Page – More Event Options

We may have saved you some pages when creating your events – we didn’t skimp on the features and that page is fully loaded with customizable fields and event options to let you create and price your events in virtually any way you can imagine.  Here are just a few of the changes we made in Tendenci 5.0 compared to T4.

* Add multiple speakers to your event summary.

Simply click to add another speaker while you are creating the event, and without ever leaving the page – a new speaker box is created instantly.  After you add the new speaker’s details in, just click to add another speaker and another speaker box is revealed.  Repeat until you’ve added your entire panel without ever leaving the event form.

Easily Add multiple speakers to Tendenci 5 event form

*Automatic addition of Google maps to help show your guests how to get to your event.

Just fill in your event’s address on the event form and when you save it, Tendenci will automatically add a Google map to your event summary.  Registrants can view the venue on a map, click to get directions from their location, and all the cool extra map functions that Google Maps includes like street views and searching for nearby places.

*Add multiple ticket prices based on membership types.

Tendenci Events lets you set a different price for members than non-members, and you can segment your ticket prices by membership types, students, and corporate levels to create as many different ticket prices as you want.

*We listened to your requests and have added bundled ticket packages.

Tendenci now has the ability for you to sell Ticket Bundles for special group events like a Golf Tournament or Table Sponsorships.  You decide how much the bundled package costs AND how many tickets are in the bundle.  And you can create as many different ticket bundles as you need for your event – in the same single page event form!

*Discount Codes!

Tendenci 5.0 includes the ability to create custom discount codes for events that allow you to offer special promotional discounts.  Have a little fun creating unique discount code names, then easily track where your registrants are hearing about your event and signing up by tracking registration based on discount codes used.

*Manage the entire registration and payment process on your website with our payment integration options.

Tendenci integrates with Authorize.Net and FirstData credit card merchant services.  Your guests can register and pay on your website event calendar.

Your Website Guests Will Love How Easy it is to Register for Events Too!

We know that creating the event online is only one part of event management and that’s why we included tons of new features in Tendenci for administering the event after you’ve created it.

These features will save you time and frustration before, during and after your event.

*New Reporting tools for you.

We included event reporting tools that allow you to easily find invoices, see who has paid and who hasn’t, calculate totals and more.

*Communicate with your event registrants about any changes or announcements via email quickly with our event email tool.

You can select all registrants, paid registrants, or unpaid registrants and immediately send an email update for your event to your attendees.

These are just some of the new features that Tendenci 5.0 includes for managing events.  If you want to know more, then check-out our upcoming Event Management with Tendenci 5.0 Free Webinar or just Contact Us to schedule a demo of all of Tendenci 5.0’s capabilities.

Improved Tendenci and Constant Contact integration!

image from img.constantcontact.com Staying in touch with your Web site visitors and members is pretty darn important, no matter industry you are in.

Thanks to a recent update, your Tendenci Web site is making it even easier for you to connect your visitors to your Constant Contact mailing list.

While the original Constant Contact integration gave you little choice on what Constant Contact mailing list to send your Web site contacts to, now you can pick from any of your Constant Contact lists.

Sound like a plan?    Get in touch with our Support team to get this rolling!  You can email us at support AT schipul DOT com or give us a call at (281) 497.6567, ext. 411.

Tendenci newsletter editor live – check out our help files!


Our updated Tendenci newsletter editor is up and running today!  Check out some of the cool features in this great new version on our newsletter editor announcement post here.

Want to switch back to the old editor until you get used to it?  No problem, check out our help file here.  Worried about your spelling prowess?  Never fear, check out this help file on how to activate spell check in the new newsletter editor!  

Let us know what you think about the new editor, it is currently only live in the newsletter editor – so check it out next time you send out another snazzy email to your Community!

Newsletter editor update coming soon!

The Tendenci crew is pushing out a shiny new newsletter editor / WYSIWYG ('what you see is what you get') tool for you to more quickly and easily add content to your newsletters.  Keep an eye out for it later this week!

Here are a few features to look forward to:

New and intuitive user interface – Based on common desktop editing tools, the editor will be familiar to you from other software that you use regularly, but cleaner and easier to use than our old editor. Editor_view

More powerful image uploader and manager – The new editor makes uploading and managing your images a snap.  You'll really like this new interface! Editor_imageuploader

Collapsible toolbar – Keep your editing area as minimal as you'd like it to be by expanding and contracting your editing toolbar at will! Editor-expand

DNS server outage yesterday 12/1 affected Tendenci emails

Yesterday (Tuesday, December 1st) our network provider experienced a DNS (domain name server) outage that caused multiple email failures from some Tendenci Web sites.

What does this mean?  If your Tendenci-driven site sent out any emails yesterday, there is a chance that they didn't make it to your final recipients.  Emailed content includes:

  • Newsletters
  • Contact form submissions
  • Membership renewals
  • Registration confirmation
  • Payment confirmation (from Tendenci, the merchant account confirmations were not affected)

We are still trying to evaluate how many Web sites were affected and at what times, but in the meantime please do be aware that communications from your Tendenci site may not have gotten through.

The Schipul Support team is available to you FREE OF CHARGE for issues surrounding yesterday's email issues.  

Please call us at (281) 497.6567 ext 411 and let us help you with any issues you may have or questions you'd like addressed.  We are here to help and hugely value your business and support.

Possible slow newsletter sends today – mail server work in progress

 For all Tendenci clients planning on starting off this beautiful week with a newsletter, please be aware that any large newsletter mailings may potentially be running a bit slow today.

After a late night bout with an unhappy mail server, all of our Tendenci-driven newsletter and site email is currently running on a different server as we look into it.  

Your newsletters will get to their intended destinations without a hitch, but you may have a little longer of a wait depending on your newsletter volume.

Thank you so much for your patience – if you have any questions regarding your newsletter mailings or anything else we can help you with, please contact our Support team at (281) 497.6567, ext. 411 or by email at support AT schipul DOT com. 

Photo thanks to Flickr user Svenstorm