Ten Things I Love About Tendenci Updates!

3330871182_0690ae80c3 This week has been a big programming week! We've got a bunch of super cool updates coming for you guys to look forward to that will make your Tendenci powered site even more functional and fun to use…. for both your users and you.

  1. Tendenci sites have gone mobile! They can now have the power to detect mobile browsers and redirect; this will make browsing on the go easy as pie for your user. Check out Reliant Park's mobile site for a great example. 
  2. Want to choose how your albums are sorted in Tendenci? You now have the ability to sort your photo albums in whatever order you want!
  3. We love Numbered Lists and we've incorporated that into our Comments. Counting comments are a thing of the past because now they are numbered! This makes it easier to manage your comments than ever before.
  4. You'll be able to get stats from Google Analytics with ease. Sign up for the SEM Newsletter to get more information on this update later this week!
  5. Wonky User Group Names will soon be a thing of the past. As we move forward we will be substituting the User Group Name with the
    prettier User Group Label used in Custom Contact Forms. 
  6. Tendenci now works with Constant Contact! It's pretty basic for now but we'll be making it more robust in the future. Check out our blog post from last week for more information!
  7. It will be even easier to use the Photo Module to tell your story! When these updates are complete you'll be able to pull the photos from your Tendenci Photo Module to a cool button anywhere on your site you'd like.
  8. The Resume Module and the User Module are no longer tied together. This means you can make the Resumes Module inactive if you aren't using it and it won't affect your Users in the least bit. Contact Support for help!

Read about awesome updates 9 and 10 in this blog post about Calendar Events!!

These updates aren't live yet but will be by the end of the week so get excited! You'll be able to search our helpfiles for more information and as always, you can contact Schipul Support for help.

Latest Tendenci update 9/22/08


We updated the Tendenci software yesterday afternoon.  Included in this update:

1.       Calendar Events – Export now in Rich Text for Microsoft Outlook (as opposed to just plain text)

2.       Newsletter stack overflow prevention – more characters are allowed in the newsletter generator and a friendlier error message now displays if exceeded. 

3.       CEV reminders can be turned on/off with site XML variable.  Contact support for assistance in turning off the reminder.

4.       New function to display calendarevents in CSS so that it works with CSS layouts

5.       Birthday emails – this was funded by Kolache Factory.  It allows admins to design and send an email to users on their birthday.  Help file coming soon!



Tendenci Update Time Again!

Newiconrow_12Thanks to the lovely programmers we have toiling away here at Schipul, our monthly Tendenci update has just been released.  Here are a few fun things to look forward to:

1.  New Icon Rows

2.  User Imports now features a more robust check of the usernames to prevent duplicate user names from being generate
3.  For our new Tendenci users, we have Introduction Tutorials for getting started with a new Tendenci site on all development sites. 
4.  CMS Display Page URL verification: When a display page URL is typed in, a message will be displayed if a page already exists for that URL.  Right now this is on Add page only but it will soon be added to the Edit page.
5. WYSIWYG Update and the Firefox 3 hyperlink bug has been fixed.
6.  Jobs, Releases, and Calendar Events homepage blocks have now been converted to CSS for custom styling.  Contact you project manager if you would like to change the way they look
7.  The yellow highlighting in the admin view of Catalogs had been removed for a cleaner less confusing look

If you have questions about any of these updates, you can contact Support at 281-497-6567 ext 411 or email them at support@tendenci.com

Thank you again for using Tendenci!!!!!!!

11:30am CST Tendenci sites are back online after Sungard outage

All Tendenci sites are back online as of 11:30am CST 6/18/08.  We are still talking with our server facility, Sungard, on the cause of the outage and will keep you posted. 

So again, all Tendenci sites are back online.

Have questions?  Need help?  Call us at 281-497-6567 or email support at schipul dot com.

Thanks for your patience – we truly appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you.

10:30am CST Tendenci site server outage 6/18/08

Tendenci Web sites are currently down due to a service outage today (June 18th) starting around 10:30am CST.  We are experiencing
data transport problems at our co-location facilities at Sungard.  Engineers are
working to resolve the issues.

Thank you for your patience, we are in constant communication with the Sungard team.  We will keep you updated. 

In the meantime, feel free to call us at (281) 497.6567 with any questions.  If you are on Twitter, you can follow us for immediate updates here:  www.twitter.com/schipul

12:20 pm CST All Tendenci sites back online

Thanks for your patience, all Tendenci sites are back online.  Our server facility, Sungard, was experiencing data transport issues and worked quickly to resolve them. 

The situation is still being monitored, but all Tendenci sites are be back online.

Again, we really appreciate your patience and are here for you if you have any questions.

Call us at 281-497-6567 or email support at schipul dot com.

Thank you! 

10:30 am CST Tendenci sites service outage notice

As of 10:30 am CST all Tendenci sites are currently down due to a data transport issue at our colo facility, Sungard.  The facility’s engineers are looking into the outage right now.

We will keep you updated and expect the issue to be resolved very quickly. 

Give us a call at 281-497-6567 if you have any questions at all.  We appreciate your patience and as always, your business. 

More info to come soon! 

Adding a CMS page – one added step before you can add

Hey Tendenci lovers!

Before you add a CMS page you will need to confirm whether the page is public or private. This is put in place mainly to make sure you really want to syndicate your content to all RSS readers.

  • If public is selected allow anonymous will be checked automatically and the page will be syndicated.
  • If private is checked administrators are allowed to view your page only. The page will not be syndicated


If you are still wondering why… Here it is in short:

When RSS (syndication) first came around it was a new technology.  A new technology that took time to get popular. When information was syndicated in the past, it was not a big deal because the average end-user was not subscribed to the site.

Now that RSS has grown in popularity we have a much bigger audience.  There are a lot more eyes looking at our content both via the website and through feed readers.

Publishing sensitive information for the world to see can cost a company thousands. Another not-so-cool feature of syndication is that the majority of feed readers cache.  This is the equivalent of sending out "bad" email; you can’t take it back.

Thanks for reading!!!! 

We are taking extra steps to emphasize the importance of syndication and it’s affects.

CMS pages now require our clients to choose whether or not the content on the page is for public or private viewing before entering content.

Tendenci Software Updates!

Testimonials Updates
Our wonderful programmer Eloy has given the testimonials search a face lift! It now uses styling to present your testimonials.
Directories Updates
You may now put directories within multiple categories. Yippee! This is easily controlled by a site variable, so if you don’t need it you can always use the old way.
Zip Codes Updates
Zip Codes
You can now control the new zip codes search to tailor to your needs. Need to specify which locations of your establishment show up when a zip code is searched? Well now you can with a new site variable! You may also specify the radius of the search with a site variable.

The "Next" and "Previous" buttons when flipping though a photo album now start from the first image and move to the last. Don’t want to use those buttons? You can always just click the photo and it will move you to the next image.

Development sites inaccessible this weekend – May 12-13th!

The Schipul office building’s electricity will be shut down for maintenance between Saturday, May 12th – Sunday, May 13th.

During this time, you will not have access to your development Web sites.

If your Web site is already live, you will not be affected and can access your live site as normal.  The outage only applies to development sites.

Please call us at (281) 497.6567 or email us at support@tendenci.com with any questions or concerns.  Thanks!