Tendenci newsletters blocked on April 12th and 13th

Our Spam filters were overzealous and blocked some of your newsletters April 12th and April 13th (until 12pm).


On Wednesday evening, we upgraded our routers to increase our
sites’ performance.

Unfortunately configuration on the upgraded routers’
Spam filter was too tight and blocked some of our Tendenci sites’ outbound
newsletters yesterday and this morning until 12pm.

What this means
This means that any newsletters you sent directly from
your Web site yesterday may not have been sent.  We are contacting you
specifically because we know from your log reports that you used your Web site
to email your members.

This is very serious.  We take full responsibility
and apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this causes.

What to do
Our Support Team is ready to help you in any way we
can.  To re-send your newsletter, you can follow these instructions on How to Clone a
or contact us at (281) 497.6567.

Schipul office back online and with phones!

Proving that there is no such thing as a normal week at the Schipul offices, we lost our Internet and phone connection thanks to an overzealous Interstate construction crew part of yesterday (2/22) and today (2/23).

However, we are now back online with access to emails and our phones are working again.

All of our live Web sites were never affected by the outages – please call us at (281) 497.6567 with questions or for suggestions on how to overcome your Internet withdrawal symptoms if something like this should ever happen to you.

Thanks for your patience!

Schipul office Internet line cut due to construction – call us!

Need to talk to Schipul today?  Call us at (281) 497.6567!

Construction outside of our building has cut our Internet line, which means that the Schipul office email and Web access is down.                                    

Your live Web site and email accounts are live and well
– they are hosted off-site at Vericenter and are unaffected by this outage.

If you have a development Web site, you are currently unable to work on  it until our Internet connection situation is resolved.   Check back here on the Tendenci Blog for Internet connection updates later today.

We are here for you!  Just give us a call at (281) 497. 6567!
Many thanks for your patience and your business,
The Schipul Team

Reporting Data Warehouse Data Loss

Between December 20th and
January 4th, with some variation, many of our Tendenci clients lost
some reporting data.  Specifically what
is known as “eventlog” data was not migrated correctly
to the data warehouse tables. Because this is an ongoing script it can not be
recovered from daily backups. So the specific reporting data for that date range
is non recoverable.

This is a bad thing. First and
foremost we apologize to our clients.

The only good news is that eventlog data is redundant with the actual web site log
files. Eventlogs are simply an easier way to view the information and definitely
one advantage of Tendenci. In this case the redundancy is good as all log files
are available with no loss. Yes inconvenient, but we do have access to all
records of activity for that time period.

If you are a premium client using
our statistics server, you can view your information there. If you are using
Google Analytics all of that data will be fine.

Again, we apologize and please do
contact us at (281) 497-6567 for non
billable assistance if there is reporting needs for that specific period of
time we can assist with.

The Schipul