User identities to show Online Social Connections

Did you know that from your Tendenci user profile you can add user identities to identify areas of social networks you are connected to?  Encourage your Tendenci users/members to add their identities to display social networks.  This is a great way to see who is socially connected to sites like Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, Digg etc.

After have you added your user identities, there will be a visual display of icons on your user profile of identities you have added and are connected to.

I am pushing to integrate blog identities here also. Check back soon.


Cool new content monitoring in Tendenci

Authored_content Updates to the User View pages allow you to see the latest content each user has added to your Web site.

This enables amazing transparency within your organization and also gives you an easy way to follow all of the new content from your site contacts.

The Tendenci software is designed to help your organization connect and communicate.  Use this new content monitoring tool to keep in touch with the latest and greatest of your members’ contributions.

Let us know how else we can help you reach out to and stay in touch with your members!  (281) 497.6567.

Simplify! Updated dashboard makes your life easier

Next week we’ll be pushing out a Tendenci update that will change the look of your Tendenci dashboard.  This simplified interface is streamlining access to your Tendenci modules (like User search and Calendar) and giving you one central link for all new content addition.

Add_button_graphic_2Click on the module links like you usually would to access them or simply click on the shiny new ‘Add Content’ button to add new content to your site.

Here’s the real beauty of the update:  You don’t have to keep it!

If you prefer the look, feel and functionality of a different dashboard design, you can revert to the old dashboard version by following these Tendenci Help File directions.

Color your calendar!

The Tendenci calendar makes it easy for your attendees to pick and choose from your organization’s events.   Yesterday we released new Color Fields to make it even easier to differentiate from one event type to another.

The Color Fields let you change the color of your event type in the monthly and daily view of your event calendar.  Visualization is good!  Learn how to edit your Calendar Event Types in this help file here

Connecting interactively to other Web site users

Connection_networking_linkConnect with Web site members you find interesting by adding them as a contact.  Your contact list lets you keep track of new content that your contacts add to the Web site and gives you easy link access to their User Profiles.

When you are viewing a member’s User profile page, you will notice a new Connection icon link next to their User name (see accompanying graphic).  Simply click on this icon and they are automatically added to your Connection list.

The newly added contact will receive an email notification so they can reciprocate the connection. To view your Connections list, click on the ‘Connections’ link at the top of your User Profile page.

Updated WYSIWYG Editor on Tendenci site

We have revised the WYSIWYG editor that appears on all the edit pages of your Tendenci site.  This is our way of increasing the usability of the software and it also decreases the load time for edit pages.

There is an easy to use, formatting tool available that you can use to create tables and any additional formating.  You can download this free tool Nvu at Once you have added formating to your content using Nvu, you can simply copy the code onto the specific page on your site. 

We are taking any feedback you may have about the revised editor.  So if there is a specific icon you find yourself missing, please do email us at Schipul Support.

A new look for Tendenci tabs


You may have noticed that your Tendenci dashboard pages have a little different look these days.  We updated our navigation tabs to be a little sleeker and a little prettier.

Not a gigantic change – but a nice little tweak to keep things looking good for you. 

IE7 and Firefox 2 Tendenci compatability


Change is good!  Everyone here at the Schipul office LOVES the new IE7 and Firefox 2 browser updates.  They incorporate great security and usability features that make our Internet lives simpler and happier.

Tendenci is compatible with both updated browsers, so be sure to download the newest versions of your favorite browser today!

Download Firefox here:

Download IE7 here:

Keeping it simple with ‘News Rivers’

Your Tendenci site is now much more friendly to site visitors using cell phones and other mobile devices, thanks to our newly implemented ‘news rivers‘.

So what are news rivers?  They are simplified versions of your site pages that make it easy to scan and read all of the latest updates on your Web site using a portable device.

To access the news river page on your site visit (ie:  It is a very simple concept, but makes all the difference for a mobile device user – check it out on your Blackberry today!