Check out our new Tendenci Navigation Editor

We are pleased to announce that the new Tendenci Navigation Editor has been released.  Rearranging your navigation has never been easier with our new drag and drop interface, and it even incorporates some new features.

What you can expect from the new Editor:

  • Drag and Drop Interface for easy move, delete.
  • Click any link to edit the link details.
  • Easily make your links open in a new window
  • CSS class field for those more HTML inclined
  • Options to both save progress and publish.  Save your work as you go without worrying about your live site.
  • Automatic page building!

How does automatic page building work?

When you publish your navigation, the editor will look for links to pages within your site that might not exist yet.  If you use our Clean URL system (ie. link to a page like /promotions/ instead of /en/cms/?123 to generate a URL of, then the navigation editor will automatically create these pages for you if they don’t already exist.

The Navigation Editor will produce a list of the pages created and give you options to both Edit and Delete them.

These pages are NOT syndicated, because they will have no content until you put some content in, but don’t forget to syndicate them once they are ready!

A peak at the new interface:

Nav Editor Screenshot

But I liked the old one

Never fear! The original navigation editor will still be available to you, linked from the top of the new editor.  While we make these edits in an attempt to make your life easier, we realize some people have a system that works perfectly well for them, so if the old editor really tickles your fancy, we understand.

A note to Internet Explorer 6 users

We are currently working on support for the new editor in deprecated browsers.  For the time being, the new editor is available only for IE 7+.  You can continue using the Tendenci Nav Editor classic until we can get all the bugs sorted out.

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  1. Sadly this new navigation editing facility is not currently fit for purpose. When creating and then dragging a new item to its correct position, several blank items are also created in other places. The old friendlier navigation edit is no longer displayed in a notepad window and we are unable to restore to an earlier navigation menu?? Using XP Pro and IE7. Have wasted a lot of time today!

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