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  1. So, is there a side by side of the differences between T4 & T5 to help us decide if we’re ready to change?

    And no fair giving me a math questions as a security check. 🙂

  2. Becci – what a great idea! Currently I can’t say that there is a good T4/T5 comparison. I can make excuses like “we are working to x” but I think your point is valid and I need to create one.

    Here is an example. I know we need to add back the newsletter functionality which doesn’t exist in Tendenci 5. This is because a small subset of users were abusing it which resulted in our mail servers getting blocked. This of course caused problems for everybody!

    Now we have options like a client can pay for their own mailgun account and the integration is a relay which is much simpler than an API. So we are adding it back. But if you converted now you wouldn’t have the newsletter generator.

    On the other hand a new client wouldn’t know it ever existed and they don’t miss it. They like all of the other ridiculously huge amounts of functionality in Tendenci. And will love it when they get a new newsletter generator.

    The downside to this process is the farther Tendenci 4 (windows) clients get behind the harder it is to maintain conversion scripts and we are closing in on a point where I just have to let go of the past once Microsoft declares “End of Life” for the technology they are on. For some older clients this is as soon as next August. (yes we will communicate that.)

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