Conference Call Postponed – Migration Update for T4

In migrating almost all of the remaining sites from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012 to ensure everyone is protected we ran into some issues implementing SSL on some of the sites. Because it is a shared server we are evaluating if we should apply encryption at the firewall level for everyone or continue to on the current path.

Regardless this has become an urgent matter as similar to to the initial incident a large number of sites are offline and it is imperative that we get them back on line as soon as possible.

We had a conference call scheduled for 3pm today to address questions for clients who are part of this migration. T

Given our CEO’s role as part of the security and remediation team, we need to cancel today’s talk and will hopefully reschedule for Thursday as events play out. Clients who are affected have received an email.

If you have not an email from our team and had been part of todays conference call please email so we can make sure that we provide you with updated information for the rescheduled call.

We do not expect this outage to be more than 24 hours given our experience restoring the initial group of sites on the Windows platform.