Cool tools: Use Evernote to keep and grow your ideas and notes

Evernote – Taking Notes from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.
Schipulite JMO (aka:   John-Michael) recently gave a great presentation on a super cool (and Mobile-friendly) tool called Evernote.

You can use this free tool to store images, audio and text notes to keep all of your world-changing ideas together, searchable and accessible.   Away from the Internet?   Evernote has a great offline tool too, so you can jot down, tag and elaborate on your notes regardless of where you are.

Hat tip to Dick Hardt who inspired JMO’s fun presentation style.   Love it and love Evernote!

4 Replies to “Cool tools: Use Evernote to keep and grow your ideas and notes”

  1. Fun, but what about the gazillions of people who own a Windows PC and/or Windows Mobile phone. Are they irrelevant because Windows/MS is evil/uncool?

  2. That was simply brilliant. I've got Evernotes on my iphone and had no idea of it's full capabilities. Also, thanks for tipping the hat to Dick Hardt, I had never heard of him, but after watching the video I watched several of his videos and have learned a lot. I may have to "steal" this concept for an NPTA video. I promise, however, to "tip my hat to both JMO and Dick."

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