Corporate Membership Module Added Renewal Process and Renewal Reminder

We have recently rolled out the corporate membership renewal process and renewal reminder. Although they are the basic functionalities in the corporate memberships module, for some reason, they didn’t get included in the initial release. For those who were waiting for this process, we greatly thank you for your patience!

The corporate membership renewal process let you renew your corporate membership as well as the individual memberships under the corporate membership provided that the individual membership type is tied to the corporate membership. For more information on how to renew your corporate membership as an admin and as a dues rep, visit the help files How do I renew a Corporate Membership as an Admin? and How do I renew a Corporate Membership as a Dues Rep?

The renewal reminder will be sent to the dues representative certain days before or after the expiration date. The default setting is 7 days before the expiration date. To turn on or off the renewal reminder, and change its frequency on your site, simply go to and you’ll find the links to do so. Certainly you must be a site admin.