DrupalCon Day 1: Do Good with EPA.net – Using Technology to Save Youth

Good afternoon from Day 2 of DrupalCon (with a recap of Day 1)!

On Day 0, we explored some of the insights into CiviCRM, Drupal’s membership management solution. On the first full day of sessions, there was a ton of knowledge to soak in, but what really stuck out was a session Albert attended on using open source technology to educate and prepare youth for working in the real world. It was called “Open Source Opens Doors for Youth”, and the panel featured a program called EPA.net Creative, a community enterprise made up of males and females between the ages of 14-24 who provide high quality digital video and web design services to clients around their region.

From Albert:

The majority of the kids involved with the program joined EPA.net Creative with no prior experience in web design, videography or business. With the help of Zerodivide and CivicActions, those same kids are now becoming experts in technologies  such as Drupal and Final Cut Pro while at the same time gaining exposure to the “practices, ethics, and expectations of contemporary high-tech businesses.”

Check him out below with interviews with the youth themselves.