Emergency Prep Part 2: Volunteer coordination with Tendenci

In the time of a crisis, helping hands are desparately needed in a variety of activities.  You can quickly and easily coordinate volunteer efforts via your Web site’s calendar while using a tool familar to your organization, which helps with participation levels.

After posting location and activity details on your Web calendar event (read this help file), you can put a cap on the number of volunteers accepted for each event – ensuring  that you never have to turn away extra volunteers and can re-direct their energies elsewhere.

Publicize your volunteer events with e-newsletters and refine your event listings and press releases with our built-in Search Engine Optimization tools.  Tendenci’s Content Management System also makes it a snap for you to add graphics and details to pre-existing pages on your Web site updating your community on your efforts and volunteer needs.

Want more?  Read about more Tendenci emergency preparation features in the Emergency Prep Part 1:  Emergency First Responders blog post.