End of an era for a Schipulite!

So today is my last day at Schipul. After almost 6 years, leaving is NOT easy. Some of you will be asking why? I don’t have a good answer but mostly to have a little time with my baby girl and to see what’s next. I am not on a quest to find happiness. Happiness is having a my health, being married to a rock solid MAN, seeing a smile on my girl’s face, and spending the last 69 months of my life with a group of amazing people that have lifted me through a few dark times and escalated the happiest times.

Dear Schipulites’ I am so grateful for all the knowledge you talented, moving people have sent my way. You had made my 20’s unforgettable.  For so long, this has been my safe haven where I was not afraid to leap because I know you always had my back.  I have worked some of the best clients any company could ever have. Each and every person has touched my life in unimaginable ways.

I will never forget many deep conversations with @longstation, sharing an office with @deneyterrio (WOW, lol), and my Friday afternoon heart to heart chats with a STRONG and FEARLESS CEO.  Ed’ your efforts are amazing and I am honored to call Schipul my second family.

Enough already! You all know how amazing Schipulites are. I am excited about the future for you guys! I won’t be far.

Thank you 157,456,000 times for everything you have taught me.

Much love!


These have been the best days!

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  1. Love you Kim!!! Pulling at the heartstrings over here. 🙂 It's not easy leaving the Schipul nest.

  2. SO much love, my friend! Mazzy is lucky to have such a great mom, and we are lucky to have such a hard working & creative mind supporting the team and our clients!

    Wishing you ALL the BEST! 😉

  3. We will miss you Kim, that is for real. But, I am so proud of you for embarking on the next big things in your life. You have a wonderful family and can't wait to hear the stories of what is next. Congrats Mama!

  4. Kim – i have no words. I will miss you. You are a rock star as a person and as a co-worker. I can't even begin to articulate everything I think about you in a blog comment, so I'll save it for IRL. – Ed #peace

  5. "And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!" ~ Dr. Seuss.

    Thanks for being a huge part of my life for about six years (We've had quite a few priceless experiences). I am proud of you, and will miss you terribly. I hope you always stay young and a little bit crazy.

  6. …best memory of Kim, the day she introduced me to the White Stripes…taking the long way back to the office, driving with the windows down, blasting Ball and Biscuit…good times…great song.

    Best wishes on your future endeavors. Thanks for the music.

  7. Best of all love, laughter, and happiness to you Kim. Must be very difficult to leave your safe haven & second family at Schipul (you know I've been a staunch fan, lo these five years!); but how very lovely to spend more time with Mazzy. Took a quick peek at her pics: BEAUTIFUL child! I have two girls and they are the light of my life, so I know that maternal pull! Fare thee well, Kim: Safe travels and happy trails…

  8. Wishing you all the best. I know that you will continue to succeed in whatever endeavor you pursue. I'm really lucky to know you and I'm not sure what I'll say now when someone asks me what I do cos as everyone knows, "I WORK WITH KIM". xoxo – KG

  9. You will be missed Kim! Enjoy your time with that beautiful baby girl – she's lucky to have you, and you her. Wishing you all the very best.

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