28 Replies to “Facebook Users Attacked by Trojan Virus”

  1. This is occurring on other social networking sites as well at the moment. Bebo has been hit by it too.

  2. Should mention this is a Windows-only issue (as usual with viruses)

  3. I received the link from a friend – not a stranger – and there were no misspellings. No clues that this was a hoax at all. Still getting Trojan alerts from WinDefender. For the self-righteous and indignant trolls out there, I hope you also get duped and that your machine and facebook account are jacked.

  4. I love when a person who uses a Mac talks about how nothing affects a Mac. While the PC has it’s holes, and Mac is more secure because it’s built on Unix, that doesn’t matter.

    If the Mac community had the same user-base numbers as PC, it would be just as targeted. Period.

    And if you click on a link that has a ridiculous subject line like that, and install weird applications on your computer… it’s the tech-version of natural selection. Oy.

  5. Stupidity = infected
    same old scam click on a link (not facebooks issue same old trick with a new skin) bang you are infected

    you are not infected via face book

  6. good article,make us to be more carefull while playing facebook.thanks

  7. As a user of facebook, this is my first time hearing trojan inside the facebook. Thanks for this info.

  8. Great advice and a lot of useful information in this blog. The recent virus infiltration problem will not be the last. It seems that when a site such as facebook and any other social networking sites have gained popularity where people communicate by the thousands it becomes a playing field for those seeking to intrude the space with harmful and potentially dangerous virus infestation. Sites such as this can help facebook users and others to be cautious when opening their email and to use anti-virus software to gain some measure of protection when hooked up to the internet.
    Thanks for helping people within these pages.

  9. Watch out for a new Facebook trojan worm that poses as an official warning from Fb that you’ve been reported. When you open the link for more info, you trigger the worm.

    Have about a dosen friends who’ve been hit just the past couple of days. There’s a Fb-group up now dealing with this called You’ve been reported Facebook Hoax.



  10. if u have been infected clear ur computer of any cookies clear ur history scan and remove any viruses on computer and change ur facebook and msn passwords thats the only way peeps failin that back up ur stuff and reload operating software on comp and start again still gota change those passwords tho

  11. Theres an ad on facebook that has it too. It's one of the socialmedia ads. Avast keeps telling me about it over and over and blocking the stupid thing.

  12. I just got a trojan virus from Facebook and all I was doing was sending bumper stickers. Got rid of the virus and got another playing on Restaurant city. Go figure…wtf

  13. when i login fb via wifi symbian phone, the screen goes blank and phone restarts. Virus?
    Any experiance and solution ?

  14. I received one from facebook. Had to manually look through my entire registry. The file was called certoko.dll . Once deleted, I am problem free.

  15. Well recently I have heard less concerns or issues with facebook based virus tricks as I have about facebook users posting time wasting invites to pages that are thinly veiled squeeze pages to online CPA surveys.

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