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  1. This is occurring on other social networking sites as well at the moment. Bebo has been hit by it too.

  2. Goes back to the old adage, never click on a link contained in an e-mail from a stranger, these viruses work on stupid people, the wrong spelling is a clear tell tale sign, having said that I hope I am not attacked.

  3. La, la, la… MacBook Pro. La, la, la. What’s this .exe file that automatically downloaded? Hmmm… Send to trash. La, la, la… I love facebook. La, la, la.

  4. Well it was bound to happen MySpace has been being hacked forever. I really wish that a virus could be mirrored to infect the infecties system two fold and maybe, just maybe eventually that technology would deter hacking. Unless these people doing this are hired by programming companies to increase sales of there products and /or services and in that case that is just a sorry way to do business.( the old wise tale of the mechanic breaking or tampering with something on your vehicle only to be able to charge you more for their services to fix)

  5. I received the link from a friend – not a stranger – and there were no misspellings. No clues that this was a hoax at all. Still getting Trojan alerts from WinDefender. For the self-righteous and indignant trolls out there, I hope you also get duped and that your machine and facebook account are jacked.

  6. Great article, I thought I would bring up the other point that some people don’t think of immediately when they are talking about getting hit by a virus. How do you remove that pesky thing once they are infected effectively. I did a post about it here:

    Facebook Trojan Virus… Not a problem if you have a Windows Home Server. http://blogs.technet.com/homeserver/archive/2008/12/04/facebook-trojan-virus-not-a-problem-if-you-have-a-windows-home-server.aspx

    Keep up the great work!

    Kevin Beares
    Community Lead
    Windows Server Solutions Group (includes Home Server)

  7. It would really be great if there was some way in the settings of Facebook to control/sanitize links to outside sites that are in a message from a friend or stranger.

    But then again, I’m on linux so I ain’t sweating this. Or much of any other malware.

  8. I love when a person who uses a Mac talks about how nothing affects a Mac. While the PC has it’s holes, and Mac is more secure because it’s built on Unix, that doesn’t matter.

    If the Mac community had the same user-base numbers as PC, it would be just as targeted. Period.

    And if you click on a link that has a ridiculous subject line like that, and install weird applications on your computer… it’s the tech-version of natural selection. Oy.

  9. Stupidity = infected
    same old scam click on a link (not facebooks issue same old trick with a new skin) bang you are infected

    you are not infected via face book

    1. Go to fb security,, they have just put some free links up to resolve the problem..

  10. Great advice and a lot of useful information in this blog. The recent virus infiltration problem will not be the last. It seems that when a site such as facebook and any other social networking sites have gained popularity where people communicate by the thousands it becomes a playing field for those seeking to intrude the space with harmful and potentially dangerous virus infestation. Sites such as this can help facebook users and others to be cautious when opening their email and to use anti-virus software to gain some measure of protection when hooked up to the internet.
    Thanks for helping people within these pages.

  11. Watch out for a new Facebook trojan worm that poses as an official warning from Fb that you’ve been reported. When you open the link for more info, you trigger the worm.

    Have about a dosen friends who’ve been hit just the past couple of days. There’s a Fb-group up now dealing with this called You’ve been reported Facebook Hoax.



  12. if u have been infected clear ur computer of any cookies clear ur history scan and remove any viruses on computer and change ur facebook and msn passwords thats the only way peeps failin that back up ur stuff and reload operating software on comp and start again still gota change those passwords tho

  13. I clicked a link. And now everyday it posts a link in my status. How do i get rid of this?

  14. Theres an ad on facebook that has it too. It's one of the socialmedia ads. Avast keeps telling me about it over and over and blocking the stupid thing.

  15. I just got a trojan virus from Facebook and all I was doing was sending bumper stickers. Got rid of the virus and got another playing on Restaurant city. Go figure…wtf

  16. It's not stupidity that someone opened the link. I opened it because it was sent by a friend, who was just as oblivious and had no idea that anything like this would get into Facebook. Especially after hearing that Facebook was supposed to be so protected.
    And yeah, I got rid of the Trojan virus just as easily as it came, thankfully, it was that stupid cyber security program that was a hellacious nightmare trying to get rid of.

  17. Oh and I forgot to mention that there is a GREAT antivirus program that I downloaded to get rid of the viruses that got onto my computer. Go to Avast.com and download their free version. It works great getting rid of the viruses!!

  18. One virus is coming through on farmville and looks like a microsoft download that pops up with out warning and it runs automatically and you can't stop it. After it is done it shuts your computer down and when you try to restart it your entire operating system is gone. So beware!

    1. This is true and happened to me in October 2009. It kills the motherboard. I even took it to the shop and they confirmed it. I saved my hard drive, but the laptop is toast. I had to buy a new laptop.
      Highly suggest avoiding ALL apps on facebook.

  19. when i login fb via wifi symbian phone, the screen goes blank and phone restarts. Virus?
    Any experiance and solution ?

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  21. Facebook is a place to catch many different forms of viruses now a'days. Sadly, trying to remove all of them has become the biggest challenge. Every new app seems to carry a new virus for one reason or another.

  22. I received one from facebook. Had to manually look through my entire registry. The file was called certoko.dll . Once deleted, I am problem free.

  23. Well recently I have heard less concerns or issues with facebook based virus tricks as I have about facebook users posting time wasting invites to pages that are thinly veiled squeeze pages to online CPA surveys.

  24. I have actually seen posts in Facebook which are clearly virus. This links are really captivating that it makes us want to click it.

    Has Facebook solved this kind of problem? Does this bring harm to our PC?

  25. I've had a few embarassing attacks on facebook with one of those attacks. It emailed out a rather naughty file to all my Friends. Man, how embarrassed was I?

  26. FACEBOOK users are under attack from a virus sweeping through the online social network.

    The virus is technically a trojan worm that disguises itself as an email from facebookmail.com.

    People are enticed to mcp dumps click on a misspelled video or picture link that directs to a malicious web site.

    The worm spreads its tentacles by emailing everyone on the victim’s friend list.

    According to anti-virus software company Symantec, the trojan works by executing a worm called W32.Koobface.A that searches for cookies on the user’s machine.

    If the worm finds the appropriate Facebook cookie, it modifies the users account settings and profile – adding links to malicious sites to trick others into installing the invader.

    Facebook discussion boards talk about the trojan directing users to a page which looks like YouTube.

    The phony page asks the user to install a video player upgrade.

    Installing the fake upgrade allows the worm to work its magic and access files on the victim’s machine while destroying their Facebook account.

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