59 Replies to “Facebook Users Attacked by Trojan Virus”

  1. I've had a few embarassing attacks on facebook with one of those attacks. It emailed out a rather naughty file to all my Friends. Man, how embarrassed was I?

  2. FACEBOOK users are under attack from a virus sweeping through the online social network.

    The virus is technically a trojan worm that disguises itself as an email from facebookmail.com.

    People are enticed to mcp dumps click on a misspelled video or picture link that directs to a malicious web site.

    The worm spreads its tentacles by emailing everyone on the victim’s friend list.

    According to anti-virus software company Symantec, the trojan works by executing a worm called W32.Koobface.A that searches for cookies on the user’s machine.

    If the worm finds the appropriate Facebook cookie, it modifies the users account settings and profile – adding links to malicious sites to trick others into installing the invader.

    Facebook discussion boards talk about the trojan directing users to a page which looks like YouTube.

    The phony page asks the user to install a video player upgrade.

    Installing the fake upgrade allows the worm to work its magic and access files on the victim’s machine while destroying their Facebook account.

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