A User is a User is a User – First Day of Christmas Gift from Tendenci to You!

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Coming in 2013 – Better ways to manage and track your users, members, volunteers, and staff!

On the First Day of Christmas… Tendenci’s Gift to You: One Profile for Every User!

Our 2013 Tendenci Roadmap includes a major focus on adding features that enable you to build stronger relationships with your members and donors through online community building tools that show you how users are engaging with your association.

One way that we’re doing this is by merging your website’s Users and Contacts with other modules like memberships. Your website will recognize anyone with a username and email to your website as a real Person by connecting the user’s activity across your website and organizing it all on their user profile.

A User is a Member is an Event Attendee is a Donor is a User

The biggest change you’ll see is how Tendenci’s database handles user information so that our software now “recognizes” if a user logged in is also a member, and if they are attending your events, and how much they are donating. This information will empower your staff with more accurate reporting on the effectiveness of your different programs and fundraising campaigns.

We want to make organizing and connecting people easier for you, and this merge includes all site users’ who have a user profile and site login including your  staff, volunteers, members, donors and anyone else you’ve opted to keep in touch with.

Here’s a Preview of the Updates Coming to Users, Groups, and Members in 2013

Check out some of these screenshots and learn about our favorite changes coming to your association website’s people management tools:

1) Find Your Users Faster with our Global Site “People Search”

The New “People” Search enables you to globally search all users and contacts in one place, and you can opt to search only your association’s members or every person on your website!

people search users and members together
One Global People Search for Finding All of Your Users!

This new update will also help prevent  duplicate entry for your staff and your members because now user profile data and membership application data is kept sync’d.  This wil enable users who later join as members to automatically complete membership application fields using their user profile data. Likewise, membership application information is added and kept updated in your users’ profiles.

 2) New Batch Editing Tools for People Give Your Staff Time-Saving and Fun Ways to Organize and Manage Your Members!

We’re adding new tools that enable Your Association Staff to approve and manage memberships in fewer steps, plus so much more! Here’s an inside look at the changes coming to your site’s Admin Backend:

admin membership batch management dropdown
Coming Soon – Batch Options for Your Memberships!
batch manage user and member groups
Manage Memberships and Groups Directly from User Profiles!
updated membership management tools
New Super-User Membership Management Dashboard Options!

 3) Advanced Membership Reports to Give You Key Performance Insights for Your Membership Programs and Events 

We’re rolling out several new membership reports in the next few months to give you real time data including information about current members, renewal and new membership financial data, and so much more! In 2013, you’ll have better reporting tools and be able to collect and analyze data about your members, volunteers, donors, and staff better than ever before!

12 days more membership reports
New Tendenci Membership Reports Coming in 2013!

Merry Christmas from Tendenci!

We’re celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas with daily previews of the all new Tendenci Features coming to your association website in 2013! Join us each day to “open new gifts” filled with feature updates for your website!

Visit our Twelve Days of Christmas Main Page to find new gifts for each day from now until January 5th!

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