Friday Fun: 3rd Times A Charm

Houston TexansOn Monday night, the Houston Texans will host the Minnesota Vikings for Monday Night Football. The Texans have played the Vikings twice before in regular season and lost both times. While this is pre-season, it is MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! This means that the entire country will have a chance to watch our Texans.

Brett Favre, in his first season with the Vikings (yes, no, um maybe, no I’m out, yes, maybe, OK yes) will battle Matt Schaub, our new running back sensation Steve Slaton, and Andre Johnson wide receiver extraordinaire. Brian Cushing is also on the roster as our new linebacker fresh from Southern California. With all of this great talent on our side, we as dedicated Houstonians must come out and support our hometown team, and show the Vikings that we mean business!

So, this is what I propose;

If attending the game, we must decorate ourselves with war paint, tailgate like there is no tomorrow, and scream as loud as we can (the lack of a voice in the morning is of no concern).

If you can’t attend the game, go to your nearest sports bar and root on our Texans, or better yet, gear up your garage. The only supplies needed are a television, an old couch, a cooler of cold beer, and your loudest and rowdiest friends.

We need to send the Vikings back to Minnesota with their horns between their legs, and show Brett Favre that returning from retirement AGAIN was the wrong thing to do!!

For all of the latest Texans information; visit their website for the season’s schedule, or a great blog for all things Texans. You can also sign up to receive text alerts for the latest updates on our team.

Thank you to Flickr user Brit_2 for the great photo!

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