Friday Fun – Go Rockets! (a little ditty from Schipulite Albert)

Like what you see?  Be sure to pass it along, give a shout out to our guy Albert and Tweet it!  We get to hear Albert’s mad skillz all the time and want to give the rest of the world a chance too 🙂

10 Replies to “Friday Fun – Go Rockets! (a little ditty from Schipulite Albert)”

  1. c’mon guys . . . really . . the elbow was at the chest . . stop complaining . . thought you texans were a lil tougher than this . . i’ll give you the fisher ejection . . deserved . . . and i’ll take fisher over scola in a street fight any day as well . . . hahaha . . also, you’re lucky Dikembe’s out or you guys couldn’t say anything . . . I’d call you K-Town for the Kettle!

  2. Apparently not. Hey, were geeks. Half of us don’t even watch NBA until they make the playoffs. Shhhhh, I didn’t just say that.

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