Friday Fun: Schipulites Day Off

It’s pretty well known that we all love our jobs and the awesome clients we get to work with. But even a hard-working job-loving Schipulite needs to play hooky every once in a while, right? Lucky for us we don’t have to fake illness and steal cars to get out for a bit – we just call the Astros ticket office!

Yes, this past Wednesday we Schipulites descended upon a small corner of Minute Maid Park known as “Hunters Lodge” – seats that put you right up next to right field where Hunter Pence, Astro extronaidare and my future husband [so long as he keeps his batting average up]. Schipul awesomeness spread out over several rows, giving us all a chance to connect with each other and further spread the perception that web designers are a little crazy.

It might have been the sign.

Hunter Pence Sign

Sadly, not even our awesome presence was enough to propel the Astros to a win over the Giants. We did get a wave and smile from Hunter Pence though!

We had a great time taking in a baseball game with each other, and send a big THANK YOU to our awesome clients who let us do these fun things! For just one afternoon away, you too can sponsor many happy Schipulites.

Schipul Gang at the Astros

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