Funny Video of the Day – Master of the Internet

In a matter of months Schipul will be celebrating it’s 12th anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been around since 1997 and according to this video set in 1997 you will be able to ‘Master the Internet’ in a matter of months as well.

I found this video informative and topical as well. I’m thinking about ordering some for myself so I can learn how to do the following:

  • Get sports scores
  • Chatting with women
  • Taxes
  • Football scores
  • Chatting with men         about football
  • Egyptian literature
  • Sending electronic M

I love talking to men         about football and I’ve always wanted to send an electronic M, who knows maybe some day I could learn how to send an electronic R or Q.

I feel so inspired!

And how wise is the Master of the Internet? If you ask him what the capital of Dallas is it will only take him 10 minutes on the internet to tell you the current temperature of Dallas. Not exactly what was asked but a Master should always be mysterious, according to Sun Tzu. Besides, everyone knows the capital of Dallas is Houston. wink

Another great piece of advice that Dale gives is that ‘no one can make money on the internet’ so don’t even bother trying!

Call 1 800 555 Dale to order your tapes today!

Jason McElweenie – Schipul Web Marketing