Schipul Geek’s Guide to Summer Vacation Success

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Greetings from Schipul-Land!   As our Schipul crew prepares for another hot Houston summer, our minds wander to our favorite vacation spots, travel tools, preparation tips and out-of-town safety tidbits.

We may not be lounging on a beach or flying high in a plane over foreign lands today, but our entire team has some great ideas on how to make your summer travel experiences safe, fun and memorable – one geeky post at a time.   Join us for this month’s:   Schipul Geek’s Guide to Summer Vacation Success!

Schipul Book Club giveaway!

Lonely Planet books

To kick off this vacationing Blog posting party, we have a fun Schipul Book Club giveaway for June.

Leave us a comment telling us about your dream vacation spot (whether you’ve been there yet or not) and on Friday, June 18th 12pm CST we’ll pick one lucky commenter to select a Lonely Planet Country Guide book of their choice!

6 Replies to “Schipul Geek’s Guide to Summer Vacation Success”

  1. Always wanted to see the Mediterranean and have an invitation to join a tour to Greece this summer. Can't wait to swim in those waters.

    1. Congrats Sue!!! Your comment was the winning comment 🙂 Shoot me an email at klaird AT schipul DOT com and let me know what book you would like us to order you!!! 🙂

  2. I've been on two amazing vacations that I would go back to in a second: Greece and Kauai, Hawaii. The next place I dream about visiting is Italy, or a long, lazy road trip down the California coast. Obviously I love the beach!

  3. Dreaming of cool, refreshing air, scenery & the scene in Seattle area in August. Mountains, ocean, family, fun, and did I say cool?!? [It's sure hot already in Texas!]

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