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  1. Hello, I have a question to ask. Can we add managers to community? Like we are the owner and for our help can we add admins/mangers?

  2. Hi Jaziba,

    The short answer is yes – owners of Communities can add people to help manage the community and the role is called “moderator” on the platform.

    To assign someone as a moderator, they have to first be a member of your +Community. Then, go to your Community logged in as the owner profile and look on the right side for your list of Members and click “View All”

    This takes you to where you can view the list of your Community’s members and control their permissions settings, so you would find the member you wanted to promote and click on their settings to make them a moderator.

    I talk a little about finding these settings above if you need screenshots – I found some of the Community settings’ icons/widgets difficult to see (as they are mostly a ligher gray color and tiny) so you aren’t alone if you have trouble finding these and I hope the screenshots help.

    Thanks for reading the Schipul blog and let me know what else I can help you with!
    ~Sarah M Worthy

  3. Hiya… I needed some help.. how can I link a G+ community to my G+ page? I need it, as fast as possible, someone? Anyone?

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Here’s the fastest way I know to link your G+ Community to your G+ Profile:

      1) Copy the full URL for your G+ Community

      2) Go to Your Google Plus Profile page

      3) Find the button to “Edit Profile”, click on it

      4) Scroll down your “About” tab page below the contact information. You’re looking for the “Links” section where you can add links to other websites.

      5) Click anywhere on the “Links” section to open the edit window, and you can paste your G+ Community URL plus label the link with the name of your community (or any custom label you want displayed for people who are viewing your profile to see)

      Then just save and now the link will be there. If you had something more specific in mind regarding displaying and promoting your Community, let me know and I’ll see if I can help!

      ~Sarah M. Worthy

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