Greater control over your Tendenci site with Template Editor


Do you want more control over the template you see on your Tendenci site? Want
to implement your own custom HTML code? The Tendenci template editor now puts
the power in hands. Very similar to the style editor in both functionality and
interface, the template editor allows you to tweak the layout of your

You may notice that the template and style editor both do not
sit in the template of your website like most Tendenci modules do. We have moved
these tools out of the template for 2 reasons:

1. You have more space to
see your code, which should make it easier to edit.
2. We all make mistakes,
so if you accidently publish a Template that causes some serious problems on
your site, you can quickly return to the Template Editor and revert to a
previous version!

You may be asking yourself, how to I know what areas
are needed on the template? The template editor does some automatic checks when
you click the save/publish buttons that will let you know of possible problems
in the template.

You can find the templates editor in the Tendenci &
Other Tools
section of the console. Don’t forget, if you have any questions
please contact our wonderful support team!