Friday Fun Post: Houston Restaurant Week at Brennan’s

As a transplant to Houston, I have a long list of restaurants I have yet to try. Brennan’s is a Schipul client, and also extremely high on that list.

With reservations moving quickly in the first months since the February reopening and my budget going to other things lately, I hadn’t taken the plunge. Until last night for Restaurant Week.

Restaurant Week

Restaurant “Week” is a bit of a misnomer, the event actually lasts for the 3 weeks from August 1- August 21. Local restaurants offer a $35 three course dinner, with $5 of your meal cost going directly to the Houston Food Bank (the event is completely organized by volunteers, so every penny goes to the cause). New this year is the $20 two course lunch, with $3 going to the food bank. Eat great food with great friends for a great cause? Sign me up!


It’s beautiful inside, somehow classic and modern at the same time, and it feels very posh when the waiter points to the corner table next to you with the high backed yellow armchairs and says “that’s where George H.W. Bush likes to sit when he comes.” The staff was fantastic, and the food was delicious.

I was dining with a group of LSU alums who know their Cajun food, so it was great to see them gush over the Bread Pudding and Pralines. For me, the sweet things stole the show – the peaches and candied pecans in my salad, the pecan crust on my fish, and the Bananas Foster (prepared table side with a huge impressive flame).

Brennan’s Restaurant Week Menu

Turtle Soup Au Sherry
Cooper Farms Peach Salad
Summer Tomato Salad

Pecan Crusted Gulf Fish
Black Grouper & Local Field Peas
Tournedos of Beef

Texas Blueberry Shortcake
Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé
Traditional Bananas Foster

Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

You have until August 21 to enjoy Restaurant Week. Check out for participating restaurants and menus, and make a reservation now at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try!

Happy dining!
~ Qcait

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  1. I am going I am going I am going!!! Great post and good lord do I love Bananas Foster 🙂

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