10 Replies to “Trend Tuesdays: Yes, Dear Non-Profit, Social Media CAN Make You Money!”

  1. “We can’t deny that online donations are only 3% of the donations that non-profits receive…”

    But a cause is completely free to set up, right? So if it’s not a time intensive process and an org. receives any donations at all, then the ROI is positive.

    Sounds pretty awesome to me. 🙂

  2. Great info. I firmly believe that if we non-profits do not embrace technology (especially web2.0) that we will find ourselves obsolete…particularly non-profit trade/professional membership organizations.

    This is exactly why NPTA (www.pharmacytechnician.org) has continued to use Schipul as our technology partner – you guys keep us ahead of the curve on such trends and issues.


    So…what do other 501(c) classifications do???
    We are a 501(c)6 – registered with the Internal Revenue Service.
    Does this mean NPTA could not setup a cause for Emily’s Law on Facebook?

  3. “…getting those dolla dolla bills for non-profits, ya’ll”

    I’m pumped…and to be quite honest, I am ready to start the Facebook cause revolution. And save the puppies…but that’s neither here nor there.

    Excellent post little lady!

  4. RxMike, currently, yes, that IS what it means. Only registered 501(c)(3) organizations may enroll in the Causes partner program at the present time.

    From the Causes Help Center (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/help):

    Even if your organization does not meet these requirements, you can still support it through Causes; simply include a link to its website in the description or media board of your cause so that people can donate directly.

    And another:

    I am a 501c(4) or 501c(6), listed on Guidestar and as a beneficiary, but am unable to receive donations. Is there a way to enable donations to our organization?

    Currently, Causes can only accept donations to 501c(3) organizations.

  5. Facebook announced today (http://www.insidefacebook.com/2009/05/20/facebook… that it is improving the Application Directory and will introduce "Verified" applications. Verified means it will have a green "verified" check and will get priority rankings in search and the Applications Directory.

    Verified apps will also receive a two-bucket boost in both notification and requests allocations, along iwth ad credits and discounts.

    Cause is one of the first 120 to be verified. So we should see more from Facebook Causes coming soon!

  6. This looks so great Fayza! Thank you for this awesome post. I can’t wait to start using Causes for our clients.

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