Hurricane Ike update 9/14

9am Sunday, 9/14/08

Things are about the same in Houston (from what I’m told – I evacuated).  More rain came through this morning with lots of thunder and lightning.  The water is rising down south again.  We’re getting reports of store openings throughout Houston and surrounding areas.  Still a lot of debris and flooded streets.

Most employees are still without power.  Our office *DOES* have power.  Our co-lo facility (where sites are hosted) also has city power with generators on stand by.  All websites and email accounts are still up and running. Cell phone coverage is limited.  We will get a core crew into the office as soon as possible.  Please contact us for website related emergencies.  281.497.6567. 
Thank you all for your understanding and patience.   

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  1. J and the entire Schipul team:
    Thank you for your work to keep all our Web sites up and running. DPK Public Relations, ERHC Energy, Rafte & Company and Bumbo all very much appreciate it.

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