Idea on how your Organization could use the Tendenci Photo Gallery Module!

Hey All Tendenci lovers!

I hope your holiday was great!  Most of you have heard of the Tendenci Photo Gallery Module. If you have not, it is module that allows users/admins to upload and organize photos on your Tendenci site.

Visit the help file that shows you how to add a photo gallery to your site.  It is super easy and fun!

If you are wondering how you can use the photo galleries module to assist you with your marketing efforts.  Here is one idea…

  1. If you host or attend an event that is relevant to your industry, take photos!
  2. Upload the photos to your Tendenci site using the photo albums module.
  3. Link the album from the home page of your site or within the navigation.
  4. If you take photos of people within your organization at the event, send a newsletter to your members with a link to the gallery. People love to see pictures of themselves!

This should help to promote your organization for other events you may host. Don’t forget to tag your photos in the gallery so that when people search the internet for event photos that will find your gallery!

Get creative and have fun!  Happy New Year!

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  1. The photo gallery is not very useful until you can come up with some kind of slide show that we can place on the homepage…

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