IKEA Houston 2011 Catalog Preview Party!

The 2011 IKEA Catalog Preview Party was a BLAST!

Hosts IKEA Houston (disclosure: client) and Houston magazine treated guests to hors d’ourves, cocktails and a live DJ along with four complimentary workshops from IKEA professionals. Not to mention we spent an evening basking in organizational, cute furniture, find your style,   do-it-yourself bliss. The Schipulites were ecstatic to be there and even more ecstatic to see many of our friends in the community.

Elmore PR team listens as IKEA specialist explains the art of kitchen organization

Elmore PR enjoyed the “Beauty on the Outside, Brains on the Inside”kitchen workshop.

Schipulite JJ Lassberg enjoys the closet space at the “An Organized Life is an Easier Life” Workshop.

Photographer Annie Ray posed party guests for a mock IKEA catalog. Check out her site for details.

Check out more photos from the event on Flickr or Facebook!

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