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  1. I’m not a Schipulite (Katie hasn’t convinced Ed to hire a corporate knitter yet) but I love someone there, so welcome! I love streaming from Netflix too! Can you recommend a good moderately priced restaurant in Dallas (I’m going for several days next week)?

  2. happybuela –

    Thanks for the welcome! I happen to enjoy eating very much, so I have no shortage of opinions on good eats in Dallas!

    Throughout Dallas there is a FANTASTIC Brazilian-meets-TexMex-meets-Bohemian-coffeshop group of restaurants called Cafe Brazil. The original is in Deep Ellum… but there is one on 75 and Lovers, Beltline and Quorum in Addison… I think there are 10 in all. They serve breakfast all day and have as many types of coffee as you can possibly imagine. All the locations are listed on their website here: http://cafebrazil.com/

    If you find yourself downtown, my absolute favorite place to eat in all of Dallas is the Zodiac Cafe inside the flagship Neiman Marcus. It has the same swank mod style it had when it opened in the 50’s, and (especially for lunch) the food is a great bang for your buck. Official site: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/info/restaurant.jhtml?rest=100009

    Also if you’re downtown and want some cheap, authentic eats, there is a place called Records that is literally leaning against a building on Record street (it’s bright blue and across the street for the Records building). It is the former parking attendant shack at the corner of Record and Main. This place is so legit it’s cash only.

    And if you happen to be downtown and up for that sort of thing, I HIGHLY recommend the Dallas World Aquarium and Sixth Floor Museum. They are both really, really fantastic attractions.

    Have fun on your trip!

  3. I heard that he was to eager do a Eastenders cameo! Lol. Sounds a bit dodgy to me. There’s a part of me that sort of hopes this is true lol.

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