Jobs Board search will be getting updated

Searching for jobs on your Tendenci jobs board is about to get easier.  Soon, we will be updating the current jobs search to use a new 1-line search much like our Tendenci Help Files.  Instead of choosing what specific field you want to search (which can be tedious and unhelpful), the new 1-line search will look for your text in all of the relevant jobs fields.

We have even updated the look of jobs in the search by removing some of the clutter to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Here is a sneak peek at the new look:

Screenshot of new Jobs Board search

But I need to be able to search by Location!

Don’t worry, with our Advanced Search option, you can search by Company, Location, Category, or specify jobs that do not require travel.  You can do an Advanced Search by clicking the text link just underneath the search bar.  Remember, your Advanced Search will also include your search text (if you type anything in) and use the advanced fields to narrow down your results.

Screenshot of Jobs advanced search

The new jobs search should be launching next week!