Join the “Get Checked” Campaign

The Pink Ribbons Project is launching a new campaign dedicated to encouraging men and women of all ages to ‘Get Checked’.

The “Get Checked” campaign is aimed to remind adult women and men to attend regular doctor checkups. Over 190,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and by the time many of them discover this, the cancer has already developed into advanced stages. Studies show that finding tumors early-on can increase your chance of full recovery by 20%.

The Pink Ribbons Projects asks that you simply submit a photo of your face and a brief message or story to encourage people to check themselves regularly as a preventive measure. Their “Get Checked” campaign site will feature you and many others to put a human face on breast cancer- as well as provide some exciting ‘Get Checked’ services as the site launches later this year.

Submit Your Picture and You Could Save a Life

After surviving breast cancer, co-founder Susan Rafte (along with her sister Jane’s) life long passion for dancing inspired them to start “The Pink Ribbons Project/ Dancers In Motion Against Breast Cancer” a group dedicated to educate people about breast cancer, in ways traditional methods can not. Their website states “Using the Arts to help save lives and improve the quality of life for those touched by breast cancer”. They aim to inspire and lift the spirits of those battling breast cancer and move people into action. Through performances and events they raise money to help those battling breast cancer. Besides the the Get Checked campaign, the Pink Ribbons Project also hosts the “Tour De Pink” bike race to raise funds for medical operations and supplies.

Help Save Lives By Sharing Your Story

The Pink Ribbon Project also works in collaboration with Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong Foundation. This video documents Susan Rafte and how The Pink Ribbon Project came to be.

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