Let’s Keep the SchipulCon-Versation Going!

Schipul CrewWhew. We can’t believe it’s over!!

Thanks to all of our speakers and sponsors, SchipulCon rocked our freaking socks off and we can’t wait to start planning for next year (after a long nap of   course).

In case you missed it, here are some recap blog posts brought to you by our awesome keynote speakers, some Schipul Staffers and a few of our super cool attendees.

Schipul Gal, Caitlin Kaluza, wrote not one but TWO recap blogs posts for SchipulCon! For more info on Day One, see her recap here. If you missed Sean Pendergast from Day Two talk about creating Loyal Fans, check out her Raving Fans Blog Post!

Our phenomenal keynote speaker, Deirdre Breakenridge, examines the Importance of Q&A and Feedback in her SchipulCon recap post. She revisits a few of the questions she was asked and takes a good look at what it means to really hear feedback. Check out her blog!

One of our attendees, Kathleen Forbes, was not only a super-networker but she also took some great Houston Zoo pictures and posted them on her blog. Can we just have a moment to reflect on how cute the stinkin’ meerkats are?

Another attendee, Stephen Polkot, covered the entire conference tirelessly on his blog! For a recap on SchipulCon Day One, check out Stephen’s Day One Report. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the info you got at SchipulCon, read Stephen’s To-Do List. Ever wonder what a Red Ruffed Lemur is? Check out this post!

For even more content, head on over to our SchipulCon Community page!

Looking for SchipulCon Photos? Check out Eye-Fi’s kick arse Flickr Photo Stream or the Schipul Facebook Page!!

See any other awesome content out there we are missing or have some of your own? Please add it in the comments section or email Maggie (at) Schipul.com so we can get it added on this page as soon as possible.

Oh. And check out our video. We love the Zoo! Thanks to Schipulite Ben for making it!

SchipulCon09 Recap from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.

Fun was had by all who attended SchipulCon09 at the Houston Zoo on October 15 & 16. Take a quick trip through memory lane or you can see what you missed if you weren’t there. Either way Schipul still loves you!

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  1. Flattered and excited to make the Schipul blog!! But it seems that both you and my brother (along with many others) keep forgetting that my last name has changed to Forbes. 🙂

    1. Yeah! I'm glad you posted about the conference!! And sorry about the last name mix-up 🙂 I think I hang out with the brothers Stagg too much! – Maggie

  2. I can't believe SchipulCon has come and gone already! What a fantastic event with fantastic people – I miss you SchipulCon, come back soon!!

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