Making LOVE | Schipul Love Fest

It’s Lovin’ Time! And we’ve kicked off the 2011 Schipul Love Fest with our  “Love Letters” Facebook contest.

3 Ways to Win

1.  Like the photo  and enter to win a $25 gift card

2.  Tag the photo  with the name of a friend to enter them for a chance to win a picnic for two at  Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston with goodies from  Rice Epicurean Markets

3.  Leave a comment  for a chance to win a $100 dinner at  Brennan’s of Houston.

We’ll give the winners a shoutout on  our Facebook wall Feb. 13, 2011.

The Schipulites are sending LOVE letters to kick off the 2011 Schipul Love Fest. Check out for contest details

Making LOVE

The coolest part about the making of LOVE, is it’s from the heart. We value our fans, clients and community and enjoy it when we can show you just how much!

Check out  the making of LOVE on Flickr and enter the  “Love Letters” contest on Facebook for a chance to win one of three heart-warming prizes!

How It Happened

Here’s exactly how it happened (basically). *cue dreamy flashback music*

It was a warm and sunny day in Houston (yesterday). The Schipul COMM team was in their morning meeting when all of a sudden  a mini celebration commenced.

S1: Hooray! It’s almost February. Time for Schipul Love Fest (We seriously begin conversations this way. I know.)

S2: What should we do to celebrate…?

S1: Something really cool.

They thought for a moment, but it was early, and little coffee had been consumed, and a meeting was at hand. So they put it aside for later.

“We’ll think of something,” said S2.  And with that the Schipulites began their meeting.

Soon before the meeting ended there was a loud gasp and a giddy giggle from S1.

“It would be soooo cute if we got everyone to spell the word ‘love’ on the parking garage roof and take a photo….I don’t know what we’d do with it, but it would be really cute,” she said.

The Schipulites laughed in agreement, and parted ways to begin their busy day.

Later on, she pondered aloud, “That picture would be really cute…and what if we made one of those fast forward videos of us spelling out the letters?!”

S2: OhMyGosh! We could put it on Facebook and ask people to tag their friends to win a prize.

And with that, the LOVE-struck Schipulites began the task of rule checking, prize assembling and cat wrangling for a photo on the parking garage roof.

And then they woke up. And remembered it was Houston. Which means the temperature dropped from a pleasant 68 degrees to a mind-boggling 40-something degrees. With rain (very likely the tears of a Schipulite wounded by Mother Nature).

There was no way they were schlepping up to the parking garage roof in the rain and cold to lie on the ground because that’s nuts and they’ve got their hair to consider!  So they brought the Love Fest inside – and magic happened.

Thanks for loving us!