Meet the Tendenci Programmers

I thought I’d take a minute and introduce the Tendenci programming team.  Oten y’all talk to us but don’t have an opportunity to meet us.  So here’s a picture and brief description of each of the team members!

EloyEloy Zuniga
Eloy is the newest member of our team.  He’s currently a student at U of H majoring in Computer Science.  Eloy originally joined Schipul as an intern on the Search Engine Marketing Team under the direction of Katie Thoreson.  We figured out that he has some programming skills and stole him.  His biggest contribution to the team to date is the mini calendar!

JennyGuiqin (Jenny) Qian
Jenny joined Schipul as a member of the Search Engine Marketing Team.  Sound familiar?  Only Jenny asked to join the programming team!  Since then, she has contributed a substantial amount in helping to advance the Tendenci software!  She is a whiz at regular expressions which has helped her use the Python scripting language to create a lot of the "behind the scenes" functionality of the Tendenci software.  You probably don’t see a lot of Jenny’s work, but trust me, you love it!  Jenny holds an MS in Computer Science from The University of Texas at San Antonio as well as an MS in Biological Science from Nanjing Agricultural University in China.

KathrynKathryn Ciaralli
Kathryn was not a member of the SEM team!  She was hired and placed directly on the programming team shortly after she graduated from U of H with a BS in MIS and a BS in Marketing.  Since joining the team, Kathryn has contributed way too many things to list.  The most recent of which are editable membership applications, Quickbooks export, and updates to the courses module to include course credits.  Kathryn is a big help to the sales team as well as everyone else in the office.  She will continue to contribute a great deal to the team if we can keep another Schipul team from stealing her!

MeJennifer Brooks
If the name’s not familiar, try Jennifer Ulmer.  I recently got married!  I joined Schipul 7 years ago after graduating from U of H with a BS in MIS.  I’ve been around since before Tendenci was created, back when we were doing things the hard way.  I’m amazed at the amount of growth the software, as well as the company, has achieved in the past few years!

So that’s the team!  Next time you talk to any of us, let us know you read the blog!


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  1. The programmers at Schipul are awesome in so many ways. The programming team makes my life as a web designer at Schipul easier everyday. I heart Schipul programmers.

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