Monetizing your association’s Web site

Want some ideas on how to help make your Web site work for you?  Check out these revenue generating tips from Ed Schipul’s article:

  1. Membership fees
    Organizations can increase membership and generate profit from their
    event online registrations and having a healthy organization.
  2. Job listingsJob boards are a proven money maker, with association Web sites like and
    benefiting financially.  This is a valuable service to provide your
    members as it helps connect companies to good people and brings in
    extra dollars to grow your organization.
  3. Business Directories – Tendenci’s business directory module is another proven money maker, for example Only in Houston’s Creative Directory Listing.
    Some organizations choose to offer this as a member privilege, while
    others open the directory up to any and all interested businesses.
    Either way, it’s a valuable component of your association’s Web site.
  4. Newsletter sponsorships – Newsletter and email sponsorship opportunities, for the right vertical market, can produce great results! 
  5. Courses – Association Web sites like
    charge for continuing education through Tendenci with great success.
    Their pricing model is around $7 per course, or free with membership,
    which also drives membership.
  6. New lead generation
    – People being found on Tendenci sites typically renew their membership
    in that organization. This isn’t able to be directly tracked back to
    Tendenci like Membership Fees, but overall a healthy organization
    brings in more members and makes a profit.
  7. Banner Ads – Banner ad click through rates are rapidly decreasing, but it *is* a valid way to get brand impressions and does drive some traffic while providing revenue to the organization. is a good example of this.

How are you making YOUR Web site work for your organization?  Let us know – we love to hear your success stories!