Boss Blog of the Month: baby!

Boss [baws, bos]

1. exemplifies a unique quality; awesome; incredible
2.   An expression from the mid 1950s, which fell from favor by the early 1960s….until now...

When I was introduced to Natalie Dee, I wanted to hug her. Granted, we were not formally introduced and to digress from creepy status, I can tell you one thing – she is a satirical comic genius who totally digs Wu Tang.

I bet you want to hug her now too. has become my daily affirmations – not necessarily by definition. Through her comics she expresses her real life encounters, vulnerabilities, conversations and of course, her addiction to diet coke. Browsing through her unique art you may even think to yourself, “maybe I’m not the only one with a screw loose…there really is someone else who enjoys Turban Tuesday.”

And over the past couple of years, I have come to realize that her comics serve a dual purpose. Because Natalie Dee is seemingly well rounded, her comics come in handy for any and all human exchanges (use of comic’s impact is likely greater if you are at a loss for words). I have created real fictional instances below in hopes that you will recognize why Natalie Dee is so BOSS.

Are you in an altercation?

Instead of lying down like a coward in the fetal position, use this little gem.   Your nemesis will walk away out of mere confusion. This is also an ideal time to holler, ‘Booyah!”

Do you own a cat?

Me either. So if you find yourself surrounded by cat lovers in deep conversation about LOLz…attempt to relate.

Did your sister-in-law just get pregnant?

Nothing will express your excitement more than a rainbow.

Are you running late for work?

Turtles are slow’ how could your boss ever refute that one?

Are you awkward?

This one is great for the time you held the door open for a complete stranger and they proceeded to call you ‘awkward.” You turn-around and you show them awkward…

Not into politics?

There will never be a winner of a political debate held down the street at your local pub…until you prance in the door.

Enjoy the Moutain Dew/Nerd combo?

Dew the dew bra! That’s all I really have to say about this one.

Did you make a bad decision?

While explaining the situation to your parents, ease the mood with a cupcake. Hey, it could always be worse…

Overwhelmed by technology trends?

No need to worry your pretty little head about it. Reply to the office email about iPhone 4 discrepancies with this farcical treasure’ Nutella does wonders my friends.

Do you like adorable creatures?

When saying it in words won’t do you justice, this princess works for all occasions.

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9 Replies to “Boss Blog of the Month: baby!”

  1. I truly feel that the 'I love you so hard, Diet Coke' cartoon release was a major milestone in my life. An anthem that I repeat at least weekly and think of daily.

    Only Natalie Dee could SO totally get me 🙂 Nice post gal!!

  2. I love reading your articles Courtney. They are so funny and what a great new site I didn't know about!!

  3. Delightful, Courtney: I, too, am now a Natalie Dee fan! (Wonder if she's met The Oatmeal?) My daughter Veronica will love the Diet Coke beeswax; and what is it with Nutella, anyway? Keep seeing references pop up: a blog post here, a tweet there, even saw a TV commercial on HGTV this week, from whence I learned it's made from hazelnuts. I'm a lifelong fan of the filbert, will have to give it a try (though will spread it on toast, not on my Droid!).

    Well done, Courtney girl. Or should I say, "Boss!"

    1. Christine I am happy to know you have been converted to an official Natalie Dee fan!

      My initial take on Nutella is that it is sweet and yet, healthy? And when I say healthy, it is simply better for you then peanut butter topped with gummie worms and sprinkles. Go Nutella!

      Thank you for your sweet comment and insight! Nutella brunch soon? :]

  4. Undoubtedy, I have had one too much to drink however, I simply find this entry wonderful =D For some reason.. it’s pulling out old memories of that trip where I found a quarter which some person had shot with my metal detector. I was most defintely druunk then also!

  5. As a result of the very fact they seek to sustain just about every minor factor underneath the floor thats how this lead designer is that if really you need to phone him a leader I individually produce other names for him. Like loser.

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