Friday Fun: New Music for Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, it’s usually safe to say some form of travel or outdoor activity will be in order. And if you are like me you will need some tunes to accompany you. So before you go traveling with friends, visiting family or just relaxing by the pool, check out some of my favorite places for last minute jams.

Yours Truly – Some of my favorite discoveries here lately range from the Golden Ages remix of ‘Swimmer’s Ear’, ‘Grow‘ by Barcelona musicians Delorean, and this awesome live version of ‘Excuses‘ by The Morning Benders (you can dl the mp3 free from the band’s site)

Gorilla vs Bear – Another “indie rock” blog (based in Texas!) where I found Australia’s Tame Impala (opening for MGMT this summer) and their song ‘Solitude is Bliss‘, ‘Chinatown‘ by Wild Nothing (accompanied by video here), ‘The High Road‘ by Broken Bells and ‘Voices‘ by Big K.R.I.T.

NPR’s First Listen (currently featuring Ratatat) brought me what is my favorite album in a while, ‘Brothers‘ by The Black Keys. You can throw this on and not get a bad track from start to finish.

And if you are looking for a some local Houston flavor, my go-to’s are: Dave Wrangler who’s album ‘Under the Influence’ (free dl at his site) will get any pool party going, Runaway Sun (free listen online and link to buy) for the rockers, and ‘Let the Beat Drop‘ from our very own A. Hughes and D. Stagg.

I hope that helps your iPod a little anyways and gets some fresh tunes in for the holiday weekend. What will you be listening to this weekend?

Derek Key

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