New newsletter editor coming this week in Tendenci!


The Tendenci developers have been working hard on an updated editing tool for your Tendenci newsletters!

Later this week, we'll be releasing an *optional* new Tendenci newsletter WYSIWYG editor for you to play with.  You'll find much of the same functionality, but will enjoy an expanded editing space (no more scrolling – yay!), improved rich media embedding and a more consistent, better behaving editing experience.

WYSIWYG stands for:  What You See Is What You Get.  This new editor tool will help further ensure that you're seeing and achieving the formatting results you are looking for to keep your newsletters looking great.

You will have the option to stick with the original newsletter editor if you prefer, but we want to get your feedback on how this updated editor works for you and your orgainzation.  Stay tuned for more news!

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